One of my complaints was about RS gold quest department. It seemed to say that quests have a binary layout between narratives through cutscenes and lore and there's combat. I object to these two philosophies. I need quests that are oldschool to get the style and tone philosophy of classic quests. None of that rotting bloody elf corpses on a razed battlefield for instance, that is such an striking departure from the quests we had on launch of RuneScape game.

I would much prefer difficulty solving. Tone and pacing than the sorts of high production HBO show quests we have been getting. Like having a bottle of poison on fishfood to kill piranhas at a fountain. I was disappointed that foraging was not on the prospective skills list when it had a more favorable reception than anything a participant has suggested.

Thanks Sween, I really wish we could see Jagex at least poll Player Designed Content's yield. MLM and Roof agility stand as hallmarks of all OSRS, and I'm sad that we have moved away from letting the community contribute on such a level. It was rewarding and special for us. A concern of mine is that the data from lots of the questions will probably be irrelevant, especially the ones about Jagex's direction. Many people will confuse"Jagex" with"OSRS dev team" and react accordingly. A lot of people are not going to make that assumption and vote.

I like this just as a big peak onto what possibilities are. Looks like the discretionary images overhauls are a significant priority, and new abilities (including matters like necromancy and, particularly trendy sounding to mepersonally, archeology) are very much on the table. I really do feel like some of my answers were faithful. A whole lot of queries as like"which of them would you enjoy the most?", but at a school player and I'm not huge on upgrades, so it is hard. Last, in the"why do you Like to play with?" Section I thought it was really interesting that there is no"social aspect" alternative. Totally not even part of RuneScape game.

I wanted to bring a clarities to my survery. I am a massive advocate for new osrs images... but not quite for old college as such. I believe that the way old college is, and as the title suggest it would be weird and uneeded to now change the images. However, what I'd really like to find out if a"reimagined" design of osrs with 3d grahpics, WASD movement, a brand new engine - entirely rebuilt from the ground up with map improvements and more skills. In my opinion something like this would runescape also it would be the goat mmo. Something osrs is I need of is new skills. I love as an idea and im surprised to buy rs 3 gold hasn't rolled over to osrs, dungeoneering. I think with people being max everything today, I market that is rich af new ability or level 120 slayer level are required.