1. First look at the thickness of the steel file cabinets. Zhi file cabinets generally use high-quality cold-rolled steel sheets of dao0.6-1.0mm, which are made by dozens of processes such as mold sheet metal assembly line, pickling phosphating, etc. , Anti-rust, pressure resistance, high strength, impact resistance and easy deformation. And some steel file cabinet manufacturers use 0.5mm or 0.4mm plates. Such a steel file cabinet partition will have a large load bearing problem, and the long-term load will be deformed, affecting office use, so we need to add more when choosing Pay attention to distinguish clearly, don't be fooled by merchants The ultra-thin steel file cabinet made of steel will deform if moved many times.

2, pay attention to the firmness of the steel file cabinet structure. Gently push the steel filing cabinet with your hand. If there is shaking or a squeaking noise, the structure is not strong.

3, pay attention to the gap between the metal file cabinets again. For example, the gap between the door and the drawer can be seen in the fineness of workmanship. If the gap is large, it means that the work will be deformed after a rough time.

4. Pull open the door of the steel filing cabinet to see if there is still a layer of board inside. If it is dismountable, you should also check the metal connectors. There are two types of metal connectors: hollow screws and eccentric connectors. Try to check whether the screws are firm by hand. If the connectors are eccentric, you should see if the connectors and the board are finely fitted.

Fift5, we must also consider whether the color of the steel file cabinet is in harmony with the color of the indoor wall and floor. What often appears is that everything else is good, even if the color is not ideal. This is also an important reference standard. Choose colors to match with the office, so that your office environment looks harmonious, simple and elegant, comfortable and elegant.


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