To get NA now not elsewhere. You can attempt to max out your character as much as possible, level other meseta pso2 classes, simply save up meseta in general, fashion stuff, etc.. My experience with PSO2 general is a sort of on and off match (although I think that is true for plenty of F2P MMOs, maybe just MMOs in general), I just have 3,000 hours over its entire lifetime of 8 years. Later on is usually a Gearing objective to grind out, though sometimes even then is related to Emergency Quests.

Additionally, there are some ways with that are always around, you can challenge yourself. This year I have finally been doing a little more of"Endless Quests" trying to get better. To show some skill disparity (a little class and equipment related perhaps but), I'd a 2-man run with a friend and just did 1"lap" plus a bit of the first Endless Quest that some individuals have solo'd 3 laps of. That type of stuff (getting much better in my class) outside only getting the newest equipment and undergoing any new quests is fairly much the endgame for me.

New difficulties with even higher level minimums (I am pretty sure I've seen 85/85 minimums). Solo's most intense challenges. It is not going to become a gear you have to master playing your character courses to be successful in the endgame. If you are referring to this Extreme Quests that require the pass (that you can become once every 20 hours) then yes, NA has them around 70 or even 75.

A source of meseta? (The only point orders that I had trouble with using Jinga are standing effect kills, kill from front/back, and split parts on small critters.) I believe there is a little bit of confusion (the titles are somewhat ridiculous). There are a number of Extreme Quests (exactly the one which you want a pass for) that we do not have in NA however that require 80/80 (or 85/85, someone feel free to correct me) which require you to conduct solo against a number of the endgame bosses and only have a Max of 10 degrees (1 - 5 and then you unlock 6-10). Clearing those let you input"Professional Level" only matchmaking rooms.

Like the way evade was less good and good for a few characters for others, and you also needed to know which. Or the way strikes on CASTS got in ultimate. Or the way certain weapons enabled one to break the rules and were great for specific areas (holy ray). Or the way name controlled sec ID.

PSO2 NA has too many costs that are buy PSO2 Meseta monthly