Let the hair dry unit air and enjoy a tangle free lace front wig. NOTE :. Using the bleach procedure can avoid the topknot of your lace wig, top hairline hairline before and after using the bleaching process which weakens excessive exudates, always do not perform the bleach method with the hair unit on the wig head .. use the bleach often as it colors.

An alternative bleaching method is as follows:. Items required may affect: bag-bLEACH-ammonia-shampoo -Deep conditioner -Basin -Large paddle brush -Wide tooth comb -Zip to lock -Hot smoldering water INSTRUCTIONS: Bleach -Insert number 1-5.Rinse the conditionerout with cold water (this will help to seal the hair cuticles) and gently comb the hair with a wide tooth comb.

Treatment is a hair product that contains a strong dose of silicone that helps to restore the health, shine and softness of dry, damaged and weak human hair. Human hair wigs are made with treated hair and contain a silicone coating that makes the strands appear smooth, shiny and manageable. Working overtime, the silicone coating comes through washing and styling, which is why a silicone-intensive hair deep-intensive treatment is so beneficial to the health, strength and beauty of the human hair lace wig.

To use, simply use the hair of the device with a clarifying shampoo shampoo and follow up with the silicon mix treatment Intensive Hair Deep. Take the product on your hair, place the lace wig inside a zip-lock bag and let it sit for at least an hour. Be sure to seal the zip lock bag completely for deeper conditioning, with the hair unit inside a steamed towel over the zip lock generously apply a non-alcoholic leave-in conditioner in the hair.