I believe the era was somewhat forced. They had been losing players and needing something to get the players inspired to RS gold play so that they tried to involve the gamers together with the fight between gods. Now they kind of needed to push on the lore down the gamers or otherwise everybody would have confused concerning what was going on. I liked a lot of the quests although I did not like the whole Guthix selected part. Mostly because it felt meaningless as nothing actually changed about my character than NPC that is other referencing it. I believe an issue is that the majority of the ages before the 5th aren't really researched that far and if you don't seek out the lore a lot of it seems confusing.

I love the"not being the preferred one" facet of OSRS quests. You're sort of an adventurer who progressively gets increasingly experienced. The closest was DS2 and to a lesser extent another GM quests, which I'd consider justifiable given the big requirements. Your character is kept somewhat in check. You can push through the Fremmenik Trials and return warring clans but in the end of the day. Your personality tricked is often manipulated and sent on stupid errands for the hell of it.

I completely agree. I think the matter is that as a game dev/story author you would like to keep increasing the bets to steer clear of the narrative getting stale. Today rs is not actually story-driven but I am guessing the writers felt like they had to create a really grand pursuit and it makes sense that at some point our personalities would begin becoming actually known men and women, chosen or not, given the shitload of people we've saved. I feel as escalating importance and the preferred thing is. One instance of the top of my head is dragon Ball, used to be about a kid with a tail learning martial arts and the same kid is fighting for the success of his whole universe.

Disagree to an extent. The world wakes was a checkpoint, of types, in the narrative of runescape. You could argue the"start over" point should any following quest and TWW should've been the finale of the 5th age. I can somewhat agree on that. But finally, it marked the beginning of an new story. The player not-important can't be made by you. In vanilla OS everything from the grand scheme of things just occurs due to the player's actions. The player literally is the center of everything that happens. Making a spectator's participant not important, but more goes against what vanilla quests have done. In fact, way back at the day was that the participant was guthix him/herself for the reason of the participant being the middle of everything.

I dont understand that this point...Zamorak literally had a power excursion and began the god wars. On top of that, as being a douchebag like in RS3, while the personality of saradomin hasn't been demonstrated, he has been at odds with zamorak; order vs chaos versus evil. The major gods have acted like children. Grey characters: cant really argue with this one. They are sometimes hard unless done. Occasionally they hit the buy OSRS gold marked they dont. Every age has been marked by or started with events. The very age started with the arrival of guthix.