Float Pontoon Manufacturer Shares Why is Free Standing Boxing Bags not suitable for home?

First, Free Standing Boxing Bags are all in the chassis because of load bearing and control, so they have high requirements for the material and design of the chassis. Otherwise, if the strength of the practitioner is relatively large, the bottom bracket and the chassis may easily collapse due to the large swinging power of the sandbag.

Second, it is not convenient to move. Generally, Free Standing Boxing Bags are locked on the ground, and they need to be unlocked before moving. If the chassis is supported in a heavy way, it is not easy to move the chassis.

Third, the general Free Standing Boxing Bags are not very high, they are all around 170CM. If people who are taller need to be able to practice high leg exercises, it is more troublesome.

The above content is shared and organized by the Jet Ski Dock manufacturer , hoping to help those in need.