Many products are on the market and claiming to grow a beard, but the effectiveness of this beard growth oil might be in question. This product is said to work as a facial toner, moisturizer, hair loss shampoo, deodorant, and it can also be used as a natural antibiotic.

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Male pattern baldness is hereditary and is usually caused by an overproduction of DHT. DHT is a hormone that gets produced when testosterone levels go up. As DHT blocks follicles from shedding hairs it creates more hair in the form of fuzz.

If you use a beard growth oil that contains saw palmetto, saw palmetto inhibits the production of DHT. This compound is a plant derivative that has been used for years for treating many ailments. It is also used to reduce the amount of estrogen in men. Estrogen is what causes man boobs.

Whether you suffer from female or male pattern baldness, your hair loss is an illness and not just a sign of old age. Even if your hair loss is due to normal aging, you should seek a treatment. By taking DHT inhibitors, you can slow down the growth of your beard and you will notice a difference in one to two months.

If you suffer from thinning of the hair in the middle and crown, this is the same as male pattern baldness and you may need a hair loss shampoo or conditioner to help you. If you use an anti-fungal product that contains tea tree oil or Epsom salts you can treat both types of baldness.

Some people use an oral prescription in addition to using a natural product to grow a beard. These men may prefer to take a testosterone booster in the form of a tablet or a capsule. These are simple preparations of the male hormone and have little if any side effects.

Natural supplements have shown to slow down the loss of hair and also boost the production of the male hormone. Most of these products do not contain any dyes or fragrances, so they are good for those who are sensitive to those chemicals.

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Hair loss and male-pattern baldness cannot be cured, but there are treatments available that will help restore a healthy lifestyle. By finding the right product, you can quickly and easily grow a beard and improve your confidence level.