Almost every woman has experienced flaky, dry skin patches during her lifetime. A combination of both natural and artificial products have been prescribed for the relief of this common complaint. The common thing about all these products is that they claim to be totally free from all the harmful chemicals. That may sound great but is it really?

Some popular skin patch removers like Resveratrol, Isoflavones, Aminophylline and Antioxidants such as Hyaluronic Acid are sometimes used with the use of a cream to be applied on the affected area. The skin patches being the first thing that you see when you wake up in the morning, are usually quite rough and sensitive. Some areas might be more sensitive than others but there will always be some sort of irritation which you can determine by the colour and texture of the skin patches.

When you see skin patches which are bluish or red, they will usually be the problem areas of the skin. Areas where the immune system is less active will also have areas that are red. Using artificial creams that do not contain any kind of natural ingredients will only aggravate this problem.

However, when you try to use the same artificial creams which contain synthetics but also soothing or moisturizing ingredients such as Cynergy TK, Phytessence Wakame and Coenzyme Q10, you will definitely find that the skin patches on your face and neck will not appear anymore. You will also be able to get a smooth and glowing complexion without the flaky, dry skin patches.

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Let us now see what causes these skin patches. It is known that these flaky patches are usually caused by the alteration of the epidermis cells. The epidermis is the first layer of skin, which comes out from the dermis layer of the skin.

When these changes happen, the outer layers of the skin will become blistered, itchy and look like a skin patch. This change can be caused by the loss of water content inside the skin cells as well as by the formation of these flaky, dry skin patches.

So the major benefit of using natural creams containing natural ingredients is that it can help you get rid of these patches in no time. Moreover, it will also help you prevent future occurrence of these patches. The best part is that the artificial creams are not very expensive and can be bought at local shops, discount stores and even online.

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This means that you can get rid of the flaky, dry skin patches, get that smooth and glowing skin, which is perfectly healthy and free from all the complications, diseases and irritations. It will also give you a strong and healthy skin which you can easily maintain by taking care of it using only natural products.