This question was asked on my blog recently, and it's worth exploring the question a little bit. The first thing you need to understand is that the answer to the question "does bleaching your hair make it thinner" is almost never a yes or no answer. For starters, there are two types of melanin - inactive (white) and active (brown).

White and brown melanin has been shown to be most prevalent in people who have darker skin. That's why white people will tend to have more brown than white, rather than having more white than brown. People with a lighter skin tone have a different mix of melanin than people with darker skin.

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Since the production of brown melanin is stimulated by sunlight exposure, it stands to reason that people who live in areas with lots of sun exposure might also have a mix of brown and white melanin. In fact, this is actually the case. People with light skin, especially blondes, will tend to have more brown than white.

Melanin itself doesn't directly cause the appearance of one's hair or skin. There are many other factors that can affect its color. But the presence of either white or brown melanin (or a combination thereof) will encourage the production of this other pigment - the coloring agents.

The type of agent used to enhance your skin pigmentation will determine what shade or color your hair will turn out to be. If your hair is yellow and your skin is brown, for example, then bleaching your hair will not make it appear lighter. It will make it appear darker, but not necessarily be darker.

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On the other hand, if your hair is green and your skin is blue, then bleaching your hair will give it the appearance of being red. To get this effect, you'll want to use bleaching agents that contain an ingredient called FD&C Blue No. It will de-pigment your hair and remove any yellow or brown.

FD&C Blue No. is just one of many bleaching agents available today, so you'll need to read labels carefully to make sure you're using the right one for your application.

Looking at it from this angle, it doesn't make sense to ask yourself "does bleaching my hair to make it thinner" unless you already know for sure that your skin tone is fair and your hair is blond. Once you've determined these things, you can start looking for the bleaching agent that's right for you. The sooner you look, the better your chances of getting the results you want.