What are managed router services

Managed Router Services

Simplify network management with managed router service.

When managing Internet service and network security by spending too much time and IT resources, the answer may be a managed router service.

Companies are increasingly relying on Internet technology and network services for mission-critical work. For IT teams, this means more pressure to manage the complexity, reliability and security issues related to the Internet and network management. But many IT professionals are conducting strategic initiatives that help advance the business - activities that are easily constrained by the daily management requirements of Internet technology.

Network solutions managed as a managed router service can help IT teams free themselves from routine management and daily monitoring of network services, allowing them to focus on other important priorities.

When choosing a provider for a managed router Internet service, consider the many benefits of network services managed by Spectrum Enterprise.

Path solutions managed by Spectrum Enterprise.

Spectrum Enterprise is a national provider of scalable fiber-based solutions for many of America's largest companies. In addition to internet, voice, video and fiber TV services, we offer a suite of managed network services that help improve connectivity, manage risks, secure future IT investments and avoids capital expenditure with expected monthly fee for services.

With a managed router solution from Spectrum Enterprise, our experts manage the management and monitoring of your Internet services so you can focus on your business. Our managed router service offers fast and reliable connectivity and fully managed security without the expense or headache of maintaining and upgrading your systems.

Highly competitive Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and redundancy features help increase reliability and modernization. And our 24/7 monitoring and support services ensure that your business stays connected.

Other managed network solutions include managed WiFi services, managed Ethernet and multiple wavelength separation multipliers.


Benefits of the Spectrum Enterprise-Managed Router technology.

With a router service managed by Spectrum Enterprise, you can:

  • Simple scalability with fiber-based service options ranging from 25 Mbps to 10 Gbps.


  • Enhance security with integrated gateway threat management, server-level firewalls, antivirus and antispam devices that block threats before they reach your network.


  • Increase productivity by removing the management and support of the business class router for our team of professionals, freeing up IT staff to pursue other strategic initiatives.


  • Reduce costs by eliminating capital costs and avoiding the need to use additional staff and resources.


  • Maintain control and visibility with an online portal that provides real-time network status on devices, security incident monitoring, traffic analysis and more.