Grinding Gear Games attaches great importance to the adjustment of the number of items in Path of Exile, mainly because Balance is very important for game studios and gamers. Path of Exile, famous for its Diablo-like procedural action adventures, also has many shortcomings, such as a ridiculously large passive skill tree and gems attached to weapons and armor.Recently, as the new coronavirus has swept the world, the gaming industry has been hit hard, but Grinding Gear Games is still struggling to maintain progress, and now it has shared ten projects that are being adjusted: five weapons, two gems, amulets, a pair of POE Trade Currency boots and A shield.

The Hotfooted gem got even faster, now potentially generating with up to twenty speed boost, which now applies to casting and attack speed. That may be incredibly useful for Path of Exile: Harvest, where players will literally farm enemies for his or her force.In addition to the existence of gems in the game, POE Currency is also essential.You can buy POE Currency on the MMOAH website. You may be very worried about the risk of the transaction process. Then you will not need to worry about choosing the MMOAH website.This is a company A regular website that sells multiple products.

The amulet Ungil's Harmony has lost its 25% reduction of the critical strike multiplier, but now makes critical strikes do no damage. The upshot, however, is that it now provides up to 350% critical strike chance.This makes it great for characters who may need other passives or abilities that have certain effects that activate with a critical strike.

One weapon that got amped up is that the POE Chaos Orb Brain Rattler increasing its chance to inflict a devastating shock from 15% to 50%, and shock damage is boosted by 300%. That's voltage that Pikachu would be pleased with. The melee builds who want to inflict the maximum amount lightning damage as possible will should defeat the trail of Exile boss referred to as the Guardian of the Minotaur get their hands on this two handed mace.

The Dark Seer was restricted by the Alliance, so its name was modified. This weapon not only blinds the enemy 10% of the time, but also makes the player immune to blindness. Even more frightening is that it can also cause a huge Malediction debuff to the enemy for the duration of the blind effect.