They will need to resolve free agency, contracts and frankly participant progression. Because everyone is a contracts itself breaks in 3-5 yrs. You've got 80+ overalls because they want money to be 2K MT on a team and they retire because nobody picked up them. They will need to repair the contracts in which a new contract is accepted by a player but for some reason requires the supply. They will need to resolve players shot tendencies. Siakam is crap offensively in 2K.

NBA 2K21 Kobe: Creating a legend a style Like in 2K11

It stated 52 in the beginning in five quarters. Anyhow some potential moments (besides the obvious like 81 points and the 60 stage finale): I would nominate 2001 Western Conference Finals as a playoff series. Sweeping that Spurs team was no joke, particularly the manner in. HOWEVER that Spurs staff did not possess Bruce Bowen, and I'd like to get a Spurs matchup with him there to up the difficulty factor (hopefully pre-2004 principles could be featured). I guess the Finals against Philly?

Didn't Kobe possess a broken hand during these playoffs? That to his attributes to up the issue. Hopefully they can get Sheed. A Kobe-TMac matchup would be fine. In 2006-07 Kobe scored 53 and TMac was under 30% shooting NBA 2K, though that was Rockets TMac once I believe Orlando TMac will be cooler. Can Kobe shield TMac that match? (probably, don't know who else could have) I'm guessing the first of many is your 2000 clincher? That one's unlikely since it had been against Reggie and Indiana isn't gonna be in.

Because I feel that came from the Sonics 12 three pointers could be good. Any games from Vancouver? We ought to have a game style in another game just like. We go through his career's finest moments and I'll send you the job file once it's finished we recreate a career style or somethingI'm suck at photoshop so that it looks smooth but others please make this picture should you require it.

You mean Jordan challenges, but I get what you mean, which would be a perfect mode to grow 2K21 if kobe is about the cover, but I'd still need them to add developing a legend back to NBA 2K never understood why they removed it was my favourite 2K mode.I'd go full on with this mode also - once you're done with them you'll uncover a classic mycareer (I state classic cause you would want it to resemble the one in 2K11) style in Buy NBA 2K MT which you play as Kobe through a contemporary NBA career.