Benchtop fume hoodprovides the same filtration capabilities as ducted hoods but they are easier to install, have lower initial installation costs, and can be highly efficient. They are equipped with numerous advances in technology to improve safety and function. Filter saturation alarms help maintain near-zero chemical emissions in the rotating air and backup safety filters to protect them from filter malfunctions. Low airflow alarms guarantee proper containment of fumes inside the hood. Compared to ducted hoods,benchtop fume hoodrequire very little energy to operate.

The main purpose of the fume hood is to generate and exhaust gases, vapours, and fumes from the area. The fume hood starts this process by pulling in and through the fumes of room air. The air passes into the hood via the sash. The sash can move vertically or horizontally, or a combination of both depending on its size. The sash serves also as a shield between the employee and the inner part of the fume hood. As the airflow makes its way through the centre of the fume hood, it moves the toxic gasses, vapours and fumes into the exhaust area. Slots and baffles are used to control this area, which serve as fume hood exit doors before either the linked ductwork or the fume hood filters are reached.

Laboratory Fume HoodIf the triggers are blocked, block the exhaust path too. But when properly used, the baffles eliminate dead spots or reverse air flows resulting in a loss of containment. After air leaves a fume hood, it is transported via the duct to the atmosphere; the air is filtered and returned to the room on a ductless fume cap.

5 Reasons why it is important to choose the rightbenchtop fume hoodfor the lab:

Know what kind of chemicals they use:Knowing the chemicals present in a lab will simplify the selection process. The best approach is to meet representatives from several manufacturers of the benchtop fume hood to do a comprehensive laboratory assessment of the chemicals. The representatives will report on the components in detail and suggest a suitable chemical hood.

Consider where people can put the hood:Initial preparation is important if people expect to put a new chemical fume hood in the lab. People need to consider where they will place the hood. Ventilation of the room and people's movement affects the efficiency of the fume hood. To safely extract the poisonous fumes from the chemicals, therefore, the devices must be placed away from doorways and air conditioning systems.

Consider tracking Airflows:A good fume hood should have an airflow monitoring device and sound an alarm in case there is a limited airflow in and out of the laboratory. An airflow monitor normally alerts users to the degree that it presents a hazard if its velocity goes up. The system should immediately notify the user there is a problem in the hood. Also, choose a device with automatic sash sensors that will close the device after a defined time when they detect any lack of movement.

Choose enough enclosure:People should go for a smoke hood with sufficient enclosure to allow at least five inches of space behind the sash. The equipment should have sufficient space to prevent the chemicals placed inside it from touching the front roof or the air foil. opt for a hood that has open top systems to catch toxic vapours as they deal with a lot of solvents. If people operate the hood with fire-causing chemicals, ensure that the hood they choose has enough room for a fire extinguisher.

Consider costs for the installation:People need to be aware of the costs of installing any benchtop fume hood they choose. Each fume hood has its unique characteristics. This means that the price of purchase and installation varies considerably.

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