With the rapid development of injection molding, extrusion, calendering, molding, lamination and other processes, mold release agents are widely used in these fields. The quality of the release agent determines whether high-quality molds can be produced. Silway has many years of experience in manufacturing release agents, providing release agents and raw materials for finished products. Our release agent products can effectively protect the mold and increase the productivity of the product, you can choose with confidence. We strictly control every step of the release agent process. The following shows the production process of the release agent and how to choose the right release agent for your product.

Release agent manufacturing process

1. First, choose high-quality raw materials. The components of the release agent are mainly lubricants, silicones and additives.

2. Before entering the warehouse, we will take a small amount of samples from the selected raw materials for rigorous laboratory testing. We only use qualified materials.

3. In mass production, the raw materials are mixed according to the formula, and the mixing ratio, mixing and chemical reaction are precisely controlled.

4. Put the mixed solution into the reaction equipment, set the temperature and reaction time, and perform the reaction process such as emulsification. The process of full reaction is extremely important and directly affects the quality of the release agent.


5. Take a small amount of finished product and use a test instrument to observe whether the release agent is fully reacted and prepared. We collect solid content, lubricity and other indicators, compare with standardization, and finally determine whether the release agent is qualified.

6. Apply some mold release agent to the mold for actual test, test the mold release performance, adhesion, film formation, fluidity, etc. Each batch of release agent must undergo sample testing to ensure that our quality meets industry standards.

7. Qualified release agent is packaged in various sizes of packaging, sealed container and stored at room temperature and ventilation.

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