In "Animal Crossing: New Horizons", a very happy event happened recently. Cyrus and Reese attended a one-month event to celebrate their wedding anniversary. In this wedding season, the performance of these two alpacas is the most exciting in the whole photo contest. Please be patient and read for more useful information to understand how the game is going, what kind of rewards you will get for participating in the game, and what changes will happen to the heart crystal.

To start it, you wish to got Harv's Island, where Cyrus and Reese are waiting to recreate their wedding photos, but Harv hasn't exactly gotten anything together. That the two want you to assist them out and take the photos moreover, presumably because Harv is wicked creepy.

Each time you visit, you'll run a distinct scene to recreate, just like the ceremony or the reception.You'll be able to use any of the furniture from your catalog to induce the duty done, but if you wish to please the happy-ish couple, you'll want to lean heavily on special pink and white pieces that Cyrus has made for the event.

It's not all that difficult to work out: if it's the reception, throw some tables and chairs down.If it's the ceremony, get some pews going. The hanging rose decorations are handy for any situation, it might seem. You'll also get a color theme, which you'll want to stick to. Reese will ask you to require some pictures, ideally taking yourself out of the frame. Once you've done so, she'll judge the last picture on the roll.

When you're finished, Reese will tell you if you probably did an honest job or not. If you were successful, she would provide a piece of furniture moreover some Heart Crystals that you simply can trade with Cyrus for any of the things that you simply could use during this scene. You get more crystals reckoning on what proportion she likes your photo, and also the maximum appears to be 15.

There are some more items with special requirements: you get the Cyrus and Reese photo plate for completing six days, if for a few reasons you wish that thing. You get the DIY recipe for the marriage fence from Harvey on the seventh day, which is truly a fairly neat little item. And you get the wand from Cyrus on the seventh day. That ought to be all you wish to end the event, unless you're going truly maximalist.

The whole process is actually very simple, you only need to complete the task step by step according to the storyline, and then you will be rewarded. If you have a large number of ACNH Bells and ACNH Nook Miles Tickets, you will complete tasks and socialize more smoothly. is now selling ACNH Bells and ACNH Nook Miles Ticket. You can enter to purchase according to your needs The favorite product.

After the above description, you will definitely feel that this event is not difficult. In this event, you will interact with Harv and Photopia for the first time. I have never browsed the original tutorial, but I will not be able to give a definitive answer if I will watch this tutorial in the future. The reason I like this game very much is that this game has a powerful magic that attracts me. The game will give me different rewards, which is very satisfying to my curiosity and Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells. It won't get the same reward every time like the stamp rally.