Call of Duty: Mobile has a battle royale mode, but it's not quite the same as Call of Duty: Warzone. In particular, Call of Duty: Mobile doesn't feature Warzone's most unique and exciting features, the Gulag. It seems that's going to change very soon. Or it could be something else entirely.The official Call of Duty: Mobile Twitter account posted a teaser video for what is very clearly the Gulag. The tweet says it's "coming soon."

Reference to the Gulag has previously been discovered in Call of Duty: Mobile's test servers, so it's not a complete surprise that the map is being added. However with the game's sixth season of content focused on the addition of fan-favorite map Rust and laid out through the end of May, it's a safe bet that Activision may not reveal much more until June.

A report by Dexerto mentioned that with COD: Mobile taking some of the best features from popular titles, it seems Gulag could be following Rust, Crash and Standoff on the mobile version of the game.CoD Mobile on 20 May released the season seven update for test server so that developers could get some of its shortcomings removed before it goes live. The test servers were updated with references to the Gulag. If you want to Buy Call of Duty Mobile Points, I think is your best choice, after all, the site has been officially certified,so it's very safe.

In this public test server, players can play the two-vs-two mode on Gulag. The map is one of the smallest in the Call of Duty universe. It seems that the Gulag in CODM will be similar to the recently released Saloon—it will be only for the one-vs-one and two-vs-two modes.

Activision has said that all the features present in the Garena public test server aren’t “official” until they are announced by the company. The teaser, however, does look similar to the Gulag map. It is thus safe to say that players will be able to play the map in the global version of Call of Duty: Mobile soon.