In "Animal Crossing: New Horizons", Dodo Airlines provides a useful new service that allows you to discover new islands and sell newly found items. Of course, you can also choose to ship these items home.

If you trip another island using your Nook Miles or pop to Harv's island, Wilbur tells you Dodo Airlines is now "dabbling in item delivery and liquidation", which enables you to send all of the goodies you discover back home to release space for more, or sell them then and there to empty out your inventory.

The items you ship are delivered on to your home storage, and you will not be charged Bells for using the service to send items back to your own island. In terms of liquidation, this allows you to "unload your excess baggage", which essentially means you'll be able to sell what you discover.

Wilbur explains, though, that the selling feature comes in partnership with the Nook's Cranny, and any items you sell to Wilbur are bought for the identical price you'd get from the shop's drop box.The drop box allows you to Buy Bells Animal Crossing sell items when the Nook's Cranny store is closed, but you get a marked down price for any goods you sell. Any Bells you earn will go on to your Bank of Nook account the following day.This is what makes the game attractive, and you won’t be charged indiscriminately while playing the game.In addition, you can sell these items for some Animal Crossing Bells, which are very important for the game. Of course, you can also buy them at, is a website you can trust´╝î where you can definitely get very safe Bells, and you can buy ACNH Nook Miles Ticket and ACNH Bells at a lower price than other stores.

If you really want to get a bigger and better catch on the island you are exploring, freeing up space is really necessary. These two functions can help you. They can enable you to make the most of your island. I can get more and more profits from random islands in the future, and I am very confident about this. Beautiful June has officially started, you can quickly read our guide to help you understand Animal Crossing: New Horizons wedding season. In this season, you will get very rich rewards and gifts.