Players complete the challenge mission every day, which makes them feel exhausted. The official released Harvest to ease the tension among players. Players will pick up scissors and cut flowers and trees in the garden. Players are best able to ensure that they can attack at all times. Harvest grows not ordinary flowers but scary monsters. They will randomly defeat monsters that emerge from the garden which can get a slight amount of POE Currency. Now it’s time for the players to go out and look for seeds that can generate monsters.

Players only need to defeat monsters to get fresh materials for making items. However, this requires players to spend their own vitality to make perfect items. They need to take care of the monster seeds in the garden carefully to defeat more monsters to enhance their vitality. Players must build condensers and diffusers and collectors to help them plant seeds. The combination of these items can improve the fertility of the garden soil. Players can first plant some easily harvested seeds to gain their vitality and prepare for planting crops. Harvest is a monster production base, which makes players feel complicated.

Many existing game skill effects are further improved due to the update of the passive skill tree. Players with dual-handed weapons will now be strengthened due to a major improvement in melee skills. Skill effect display has become more gorgeous and beautiful. The addition of Cluster orb makes Path of Exile always maintain a strong competitiveness. The game official also believes that this combined with other skills to use the effect is very good.

The new season of POE is coming. Everyone is looking forward to showing them something interesting in the new season. There will not be fewer battles in the new season, but players will definitely have more POE Orbs and Chaos Orb and POE Items. Novice players who do not yet have POE Currency may have to grab some points and Buy POE Currency to take the lead in the Path of Exile soon.