When it comes to the name Tom Nook, everyone may not be very happy.He is a very frugal broker who can provide you with various tasks, most of which are around Bells Island. In addition, you also need to complete a series of tasks, such as collecting 10 wooden blocks or 20 weeds, which can be exchanged for Nook Miles, which can be used on another island. All tasks are very interesting, as long as you give full play to your imagination and creativity, instead of simply completing each task, you will definitely learn a lot from it.

I'd sometimes find myself going about my daily chores, collecting all manors of natural resources, and stopping to wonder exactly why. I'd get your hands on fossils to sell for large bucks, which I could then use to feature a replacement room to my house. But I'd already added numerous rooms to my house, only to be talked into more expansions — and debt — by Tom Nook. Why.

I had seen people online posting videos from their incredible islands. Islands that sounded like they were designed by Animal Crossing's actual development team. Islands that replicated games like Pokemon, The Legend of Zelda and even Pac-Man. Islands that almost all likely took many hours to place together.

I respect the hustle, but I do not have that in me. I'm not a completionist. I prefer to enjoy the meat of a game and locomote to the following. I spent dozens and dozens of hours with Animal Crossing, and that I was able to wind down. But, with no logical end point, when?

I eventually got my island up to a 3-star rating, a pathetic achievement considering the number of your time sunk into the sport. Tom Nook congratulated me and exclaims that K.K. Slider, a guitar-strumming Jack Russell Terrier who he'd been trying to catch the ear, would be visiting the island. The screen fades to black.

Next thing I do know, K.K. is on my island. He's singing a tune. The villagers love it. And as they sway to his musical stylings, credits come down the proper side of the screen. Yes! I had done it.

As I restart the sport, Nook informs me that I've now unlocked the Island Designer app on my phone. This provides to me the power to put down pavement, build rivers, shape cliffs and more. Essentially, he's telling me that now the sport really begins.After the game started, I officially entered the state. I have prepared a large number of Animal Crossing Bells and ACNH Nook Miles Ticket, these currencies and equipment can help me. I usually buy ACNH Bells at BuyBellsACNH.com. https://www.buybellsacnh.com/animal-crossing-bells is very reliable and professional. Their customer service is at your service 24 hours to solve all your confusions.

When a new function is unlocked or a ACNH Nook Miles Ticket mysterious new villager comes to tell me that I can do some new tasks, I am very excited.The game is like real life, with spring, summer, autumn and winter. For example, in early spring, you can fish and catch insects in the game. Animal Crossing New Horizons is basically updated every week, and each update brings many new tasks. June is a period of vitality. Most people will choose to go on a trip to the wilderness. The same is true in the game, in which you can now take pictures. Animal Crossing New Horizons is a charming and ethical game. You don't need to worry about micro transactions when playing this game. It is a very formal game.