How to solve the surface problems of plastic products with polymer silicone additives, Hangzhou Situ New Material Technology Co., Ltd. explained:

The difference between the surface treatment agent of polymer silicone additives and the traditional surface treatment agent is as follows:

① The surface treatment agent of high molecular silicone auxiliary agent is the introduction of anchoring group, which ensures its firm adsorption on the surface of solid particles, and the multiple irreversible adsorption is difficult to desorb.

② Polymer silicone auxiliary surface treatment agent main chain solvated chain lipophilic group, has certain compatibility with the resin, to ensure that it forms a protective layer of a certain thickness on the surface of the solid particles, so that the surface treatment agent is adsorbed When the solid particles interact due to van der Waals forces, the particles bounce off each other due to the space barrier between the adsorption layers, thereby achieving stable dispersion of the solid particles in the non-aqueous medium.

The traditional surface treatment agent is generally a random polymer, and its adsorption groups are randomly distributed on the long chain of the polymer. The adsorption forms on the surface of the solid particles are horizontal, circular, and tail. Among the three forms, the horizontal The steric contribution of shape adsorption to space is almost zero, and only the ring shape and tail shape adsorption can form an effective space thickness.

Due to the horizontal adsorption, the effective utilization rate of the solvation chain is reduced. The anchoring group in the surface treatment agent of the high molecular silicone auxiliary is at the same end of the molecular chain and is tightly connected, there is not enough distance between each other, and the adsorption form between the solid particles and the solid particles is multi-tailed, which greatly improves Effective utilization of solvated chain.

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