POE can now initially improve the fatal bugs and performance issues that exist in the game with the help of the Vulkan update. Players know that it is less than two weeks before the start of the new season of POE. GGG has once again made major optimization improvements to Path of Exile to make the POE more perfect in the new season. Players’ eager anticipation of the new season of POE has led them to increasingly want more POE Currency to enhance their strength.

After the initial test by the POE game team, the situation of unstable or low FPS in the game has been greatly improved, and the picture rendering effect has become further beautiful. Developers posted in the forum to explain why the Vulkan update can have a more obvious improvement than the DirectX 11 renderer.

Shaders are completed by background threads in our DirectX11 backend. But AMD or Nvidia’s CPU will pre-process these things before the GPU works, resulting in high CPU usage. Therefore, the game may cause a delay in this situation and seriously affect the player’s game experience. The most embarrassing thing is that other multi-threading that the game team has been improving for so many years has made this problem worse.

So how do players activate the Vulkan updater in the game? First, players need to start POE in a small screen and change the renderer from DirectX 11 to Vulkan in the graphics driver. The POE game team is still working on optimizing the rendering of the game. Someone on YouTuber posted a performance comparison video of Vulkan and DirectX 11. As a result, it we found it that performing the combination of Core i7 8700K and Geforce GTX 1080 Ti cannot be fully exerted with DirectX. And in a temporary period, if a large-scale team battle computer breaks out, it will fall into a crash. Vulkan will not show such a terrible problem. Most players said their performance has also improved significantly.

Now players are more and more passionate about Path of Exile. Upcoming interesting elements of the new season have attracted more potential game enthusiasts to join POE. It has led to the game must provide more POE Currency to meet the urgent needs of so many players. But It requires players to pay a certain amount of money to POE Currency Buy to get happiness in the new season. It is nothing compared to a lively battle. Go guys!