Delirium is a well-known thing in the new POE league. Many players can't wait to enter the game after it's released and get a lot of loots such as POE Currency. And the time players spend fighting in Delirium may last for hundreds of hours. The most outstanding thing is that POE is also doing very well in these places while drawing on the elements of Diablo's success. The success of POE lies in the large number of improved skills in the game as well as the addition of clustered gems and the optimization of passive skill trees. This can not only effectively expand the influence of POE, but also lay a solid player base for the upcoming league. Below are three entry-level versions from which novice players can exercise their strength.

In the current version of POE, it is difficult for players to see their own skills. The main reason is that the newly added auxiliary gems and items of the automatic release skill in the game make the self-made skills no longer necessary. But the self-created skills of Frostbolt and Ice Nova are still very strong in some versions. The combination of the two skills can create extremely terrible damage. The combination of the two can cause an icy effect in the entire area. Combined with the advantages of the judge, it became one of the very interesting versions.

The loss and transmission of essence is more powerful than the above skills. It can cause damage to the enemy every second and make it difficult for the enemy to exert real power. And it can spread the effect to the entire radius of the surrounding and cause all the enemies in the area to die. This will be the best choice for novice players who are new to POE and do not know where to start.

The most powerful mechanism of POE includes Impale. This skill can cause undeniable physical damage to the hit target every time. The damage value increased by other methods is not as high as the damage value caused by Impale. And it can also add other damage to cause greater casualties on the target. Impale can instantly kill the boss and get a huge amount of Path of Exile Currency with the help of the auxiliary orb. In this way, many powerful players no longer need to go to the store to Buy POE Currency. However, novice players should still take a conservative approach to steadily establish an advantage in the POE before fighting the powerful boss. POE Delirium continues to push various fun things for players. Stay tuned!