After the designer's work comes out, don't think it's done. In fact, the last step away from success is the printing of the work. For example, when making brochures or posters, the paper used is different, and the printing method is different. The final results are also very different.

The first type: coated paper

Coated paper, also known as printing coated paper, is used in photo printing or data printing. It is made by coating a layer of white chemical raw materials on base paper made of bleached wood pulp and then calendering it.

There are two types of coated paper: single copper and double copper. The surface of the paper is smooth, the whiteness is high, the paper fibers are evenly distributed, the thickness is uniform, the elasticity is small, and it has good elasticity and strong water resistance and tensile properties. , Ink absorption performance is very good. Mainly used for offset printing, printing covers and illustrations of high-end books and periodicals, color pictures, various exquisite commodity advertisements, samples, commodity packaging and trademarks, etc.

The second type: newsprint

Newsprint, also known as white newspaper, is the main paper used for newspapers and some letterpress books. This kind of paper is mostly made of mechanical wood pulp (or other chemical pulp), which contains more lignin and other impurities. The paper is easy to yellow and brittle, and the water resistance is very poor, so it is not suitable for long-term storage.

Newsprint is characterized by its light weight, good elasticity, strong ink absorption capacity, certain mechanical strength, and good opacity, and can be suitable for printing on various high-speed rotary printing machines.

The third: white cardboard

White cardboard has a basis weight of 150g / ㎡ or more, and is a single-layer or multi-layer combination paper made entirely of bleached chemical pulp and fully sizing. The characteristics of this kind of paper jam are: high smoothness, good stiffness, neat appearance and good uniformity. It is often used in business cards, invitations, postcards, or some hand-made. The stiffness is relatively high. Some high-end packaging boxes or cake boxes will also use white cardboard. The hardness is sufficient.

Fourth: Doolin Paper

Dowling paper, also known as Dolling paper, should be named "offset printing paper" or "offset paper". It was originally manufactured by Dowling (US). Offset printing paper is a relatively high-grade book printing paper sold by bookstores Many of the notebooks are Doolin paper. Doolin paper feels relatively pink, not as smooth as coated paper, and it is not reflective. The paper is very delicate.

Dowling paper is characterized by low elasticity, uniform absorption of ink, good smoothness, tight and opaque texture, good whiteness, and strong water resistance, which can effectively prevent paper deformation, misalignment, and roughening during multi-color overprinting. De-powdering and other defects can maintain good color purity for the printed matter. It is suitable for printing monochromatic or multicolor book covers, texts, pictorials, inserts, color trademarks, maps, posters and various packaging products.

Fifth: Matte paper

Matte paper, the official name is matt coated paper. The production method is similar to coated paper, but the difference from coated paper is that matte powder paper is not as shiny as coated paper. The printed texture is finer than coated paper, and the texture can also be felt. The matte powder paper is slightly astringent. Generally matte powder paper will be thinner and whiter than copper plate, and it is not easy to deform like coated paper. The main purpose is a high-end product album, displaying elegant and simple style products (such as: calligraphy and painting, antiques, etc.) or magazines, portfolios, etc. with photos or illustrations, without paying attention to the bright effect.

The sixth kind: pearl paper

Pearlescent paper is a special kind of paper, which is composed of three parts of the bottom fiber, filler and surface coating. The surface is very smooth and thick. You can see the pearlescent luster. Make exquisite packaging, packing boxes, greeting cards, tags and other paper products.

The printing method of paper with different materials will be different. According to the different printing methods, the paper has specific properties. Therefore, designers must try to choose the right material for printing, so as to help improve the quality of printed matter.

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