In the new POE season, most players can play for a while. POE2 is produced urgently by GGG and was developed through exile. The game team has improved and optimized the original POE. They hope that before POE2 is released, players will still have an enjoyable gaming experience. One thing to remember about players is that the POE Currency will always be the currency commonly used in the original POE or POE2.

Bex said in the latest news from the community that Reddit will launch a new POE season. The size and dimensions of the future add-on packages for the game are similar to those of Delve and Incursio and Blight. Compared with the conquerors of Atlas and Betrayal, users can also expect to use smaller additional components. The bad news is that players still don't know what interesting features the new POE season will have after the launch. However, judging from the feedback from Path Of Exile Delirium players, there should be no particularly complicated mechanism in the new season.

But it is a bit early to say when the software add-on package will be released. Players can properly gather to discuss what fun elements the new POE will add. Rest assured that the game official will release everything for the new season of POE for the players.

In short, every player should know how much POE Currency will affect their gaming environment, whether it is POE or the second part of POE. It's not enough to just pick up and drop POE Items that were dropped from fighting with monsters. The best and fastest way to get POE Orbs and Exalted Orb and POE Chaos Orb is still to seek help from agents. Because the agent's items are cheaper than the market price, after the players Buy POE Currency, they will find that they did not spend much money. What a cost-effective way. Go shopping and enjoy this last POE time!