HP Wireless Printer Setup is one of the easiest things to do and the same activity can be done and performed by anyone with the limited technical knowledge as well. “How to perform the set-up of an HP Wireless printer?” This is one of the most frequently asked question over the web and has been asked by the users from all around the globe. If you are also looking forward to identify the ways to do so, then surely this is the right article where all your queries will be answered. In this article, not only the ways to perform the set-up are been laid but also the method of downloading and installing the HP Wireless printer drivers and softwares are also demonstrated. So, just start reading this article, and by the end of it, you will become an expert in the setting up any printer what so ever present in this world over the wireless connection mode.


Methods To Download & Install The HP Printer Software and Drivers

For HP Printer Set-Up, the user of it must download and install its drivers first in the system with which you are going to connect the HP Printer. The steps for downloading and installing the HP wireless printer drivers are laid below –

Step 1 – Open the web browser in your system and then reach to the HP Printer site by navigating through the search tab.

Step 2 – In the second step, the user is required to mention the printer model number in the search tab appeared so that the drivers and softwares of it becomes available to download for you and then just click ok.

Step 3 – In the third step, after mentioning the printer’s model number, all the drivers and softwares of it will become readily available to download for you. Download all of them one by one.

Step 4 – The next step is concerned with opening those downloaded files and then starting the installation process. Agree all the screen prompts and then click on the Install Now option and wait until the installation gets prompted.

Step 5 – In the final step, click on the finish option and then reboot the system.

The printer’s softwares and drivers are now been installed and stored in your PC.


Ways To Perform HP Wireless Printer Set-Up

Since all the printer’s related drivers and software are installed in your system, now it’s time to set-up the printer over the wireless connection mode. For that, you need a router and two things related to it readily available with you before starting the process. Kindly note the following things from the back of your Router in advance as you will be in need of them in the later process ---

  1. Network Key / Password / Security Key / Encryption Key
    b.Network Name / SSID / ESSID

These two things will be in the below mentioned form --- At the Base of the Router or in the Router’s User Manual.

Step 1 – Turn ON your Printer, PC, and the Router.

Step 2 – Open the HP Printer menu and navigate on it and as you do so, you will reach to the HP Printer’s Network Options Settings. Open the Network Options settings of your HP Printer for HP Printer Setup.

Step 3 – Click on the WLAN Setting and the Next for the wireless set – up wizard inside the Network Options of your HP Printer.

Step 4 – Select YES to enable the WLAN.

Step 5 – Enter the Router’s Network Name and Network Key.

Click on the finish option and you will see that your HP Printer have started to establish the connection with your system and the Router.


With this, set-up process of the HP wireless printer will get completed and prompted. For expert and professional help, contact to the customer support team of HP. They will guide you in easy conduct of HP Wireless Printer Set-Up process.

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