Blizzard has confirmed that it upgraded the Battle of Azeroth from level 10 to level 50, and then moved it to Shadowlands. Old players can choose to talk to Chromie to enrich their choices. If the player is willing, the player can jump back and forth through different expansion methods, but the premise is that the player must be able to expand from level 10 to level 50.

Blizzard's team hopes that this reform will eventually solve the problem of players surpassing the content of the story too quickly. Hope players can get a complete story from an extension. No matter how Blizzard improves the game.WOW Classic Gold is indispensable in the game, if you want to buy a safe Classic WOW Gold, please choose the MMOWTS website.

You can currently wander the place everywhere and play a bunch of stories just partway through, maybe even only 10 to fifteen percent of the way through. You aren’t having a whole experience from an RPG or a story point of view. You’re having an awfully sporadic experience on your far.

“That’s basically what the goal was. Let’s get more complete stories. How will we make this better for brand spanking new players? How will we capture a number of those [old] stories again, even for [veteran] players who are making their 20th or 30th character?”

A speed leveler within the Shadowlands Alpha made headlines last month when he was able to level from one to 50 in under seven hours. But Martens says that length of your time is subject to vary, as Blizzard still contains a lot of tuning to try to with the leveling process before Shadowlands goes live.

Before Shadowlands goes online, Blizzard will spend some time on some adjustments. At this time, players can make sufficient preparations, such as preparing a lot of WOW Classic Gold. These Gold can not only help players to level up the game, but also can be exchanged by both parties. Exchange items.

Martens adds that he knows the team has its work cut out for it if Blizzard wants each expansion’s story to be tuned to require roughly the identical amount of your time.Martens acknowledges that more modern expansions like Battle for Azeroth or Legion might need a speed advantage thanks to better zone layout or questing paths compared to older expansions just like the Burning Crusade.

The team must work out some way to preserve the experience of the older expansions and permit players to work out the maximum amount of these stories as possible, while still keeping the leveling time across different expansions as equivalent as they'll, consistent with Martens.

Martens notes that Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, particularly, may offer some unique challenges during this regard because the game’s original two continents have numerous more zones than the continents that arrived with WoW‘s expansions.

Martens believes that if the player wants to reach the level of 50, they cannot complete the two continental missions in this interesting way. If players have ever played in the cataclysm version, we recommend using the current, old system. We will always propose better storylines for players and allow players to divide X areas. It is expected that players can get a good game experience before they reach Shadowlands, and at the same time they can get some inspiration from this process.