The organic silicon industry chain mainly includes raw materials, monomers, intermediates, downstream deep-processed products, and new products and new materials produced by combining these downstream deep-processed products with other materials and having specific uses in different fields. This is called organic Silicon terminal products.

As an emerging high-performance material, silicone has excellent temperature resistance, weather resistance, electrical insulation, physiological inertness, low surface tension and low surface energy. Therefore, it is used in application terminals, including construction engineering, textile, electronics, transportation The fields of transportation, petrochemical industry, aerospace, new energy, medical treatment, machinery, papermaking, daily chemical and personal care products have very broad applications.

At present, China's organic silicon terminal products are facing an important turning point, and they will have greater development in the next few years, with broad prospects. The main reasons are as follows:


(1) Compared with raw materials and upstream products of silicone, silicone terminal products have higher added value.

In the current silicone market in China, the competition for raw materials and upstream products is becoming increasingly fierce. Although from July 2016 to the present, due to the rapid price increase, silicone raw material and upstream product manufacturers have obtained higher output values ​​and profits, but in 2008 In the past ten years of 2018, the overall profits of silicone raw materials and upstream products of silicones have remained at a low level, and some years have even suffered losses. In contrast, due to the higher technical threshold, the output value and profit of silicone terminal products have been maintained at a high level.


(2) Chinese universities, research institutes and manufacturing enterprises have accumulated a large number of technologies that can be converted into products.

In universities in China, silicone is used as a branch of polymer materials, and the polymer materials course will be slightly involved. There are many universities and research institutes in the country that are also researching silicone materials, silicone-related production The company is also continuously researching and developing. After so many years of technology accumulation, the transformation of these scientific research results also brings opportunities for the development of organic silicon terminal products.


(3) Manufacturers of organic silicon raw materials and upstream products need to extend their organic silicon industry chain.

After years of development, manufacturers of organic silicon raw materials and upstream products have achieved tremendous achievements, production processes and technologies have also made great progress, and they have also recognized the negative impact of the imperfect industrial chain on their own production and management. Strength and determination to expand its silicone industry chain, this will inevitably promote the development of silicone terminal products.


(4) The development of organic silicon terminal products is in line with the national strategy for the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry.

"Made in China 2025" points out the direction of the upgrading and transformation of China's manufacturing industry and the realization of leapfrog development. Materials are the foundation of the manufacturing industry. To achieve transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, breakthroughs must be made in new materials and new processes. Silicone terminal products are widely used in key national development areas such as new energy vehicles, aerospace, electronic products, and smart equipment. Therefore, the development of silicone terminal products can also provide support for the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry.


(5) Some investors turned their attention to the field of silicone terminal products with great prospects.

Due to the slowdown in the growth of the real estate market and the country ’s strong regulation of the real estate market, it is strictly prohibited to speculate, so people ’s enthusiasm for real estate investment has faded, and investment interest in the stock market is not high, while the investment thresholds in emerging fields such as artificial intelligence, e-commerce, and shared mobility are relatively High, so some small and medium investors turned their attention to the traditional chemical industry, and organic silicon terminal products, as an industry with great prospects, are naturally within the scope of these investors.


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