Many players have heated discussions about the argument of whether it can be monetized in the game. They discuss it in the game subdirectory and also in the forum. In early April 2019, Jagex provided verbal evidence, which was investigated from various aspects such as digital, cultural, media and sports committees.

Jon Goddard, head of corporate communications at Jagex, explained to Eurogamer that Jagex was approached "directly by the commission to require part within the process and were invited to attend and provides oral evidence on to the committee." Jagex was invited to seem before the commission, because, Goddard explained, the corporate "leads in areas like player safety and player protection." Jagex gave evidence alongside a spread of other game developers and social media companies, including EA, Epic Games and Instagram.

The report from this investigation was released on 12th September 2019. It included details on the weekly and monthly payment caps, £1,000 and £5,000 retrospectively, placed on players. Controversially, the report also included an anonymous complaint from the fogeys of an adult player, who had reportedly spent in far more than £50,000 on RuneScape. within the written evidence supplied by this anonymous individual, the complainant claimed their son "took out payday loans, bank loans and 'max d out a credit card", and detailed how this "financially ruined our their retirement plans" as that they had to pay off their son's debt.

Hearing the written report provided by this anonymous person did indeed sympathize with his experience. GOLDRS website is a shop that fully considers consumer rights and interests, and is committed to creating a higher quality and safer service platform for all customers. If you choose the GOLDRS website, it will reduce a lot of troubles you have encountered in the purchase.

Once the committee investigated further, as evidenced within the minutes for the oral evidence given by Neil McClary, vice chairman of product and player strategy at Jagex, and Kelvin Plomer, director of player experience at Jagex, it became clear this figure is, in fact, closer to £17,000. Goddard explained, concerning this particular case: "We were unable to completely corroborate the small print that were submitted to the committee with our own records - there just wasn't a precise match, so it's extremely difficult when the complaint or the evidence is submitted by someone who isn't the account holder themselves."

Jagex is currently awaiting feedback from the committee. This feedback has been delayed due to the election. Goddard commented that we had the ability to answer their suggestions, and we are also trying to surpass it. Don't think that any company should sit down and think that these companies will ensure the safety of players and always support players. We should actively consider what we can do, rather than waiting for others to tell us the truth. Should we take the initiative?

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