Leisure chair shape nice, bearing capacity, experience comfort, in addition, the advantages of Leisure Chair there are many, so leisure chairs much consumer favorite.

Material, the indoor leisure chair and more to cortex, stainless steel, plastic, modeling changeable and creative, bright colors and bright. In general, indoor leisure chairs to the family, indoor public places for the placement of places for individuals or people to provide a comfortable leisure to rely on furniture.

1, can be placed in the family or other indoor places, single or multi-person sitting, some leisure chairs also provide bed function;

2, beautiful. Visual effects on the main and outdoor environment coordination, and more use of wood, hemp and other natural materials, modeling creativity, nice, approachable, without special luxury;

3, practical. Fire, anti-theft, anti-corrosion, to meet the rest of people without disturbing each other;

4, do not use toxic or harmful materials, easy to clean. Due to the special nature of outdoor use, the general use of wood: preservative wood, imported camphor, Russian camphor pine, wood and other materials, these wood has a strong outdoor anti-corrosion effect, and marble or hemp need a good texture Anti-human damage. So the steel structure to be anti-corrosion treatment, anti-rain and man-made damage.

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