One of the best parts about Rocket League is that there are so many different routes one can take to improving as a player. A player may spend hours in custom training perfecting top-corner redirects while another player grinds through the ranks.

With this wealth of experience available to us, we thought we would bring you some of the top tips from our expert Rocket League coaches to help you level up as we consider how 2020 will develop the scene.

Passing is becoming increasingly important in Rocket League.

Players now are pretty aware of their teammates’ intentions in general and can predict what will happen next based on player position.

If you are in the opponent’s corner, the ball is slightly closer to midfield, and your teammate is waiting at the centre, you should start to try and “back-passing” it to that teammate.

Try to pass in front of their momentum. Passing it directly at them won’t do any good because they’ll have to hit the brakes and get a poor touch.

Always try to analyze the play before it starts and what you want to do with the ball before it happens. This will save you time and getting challenged early by your opponents.

If you’re on defence, take note of the possessor of the ball and the rest of the opponents. Then try to predict the next move.

If you notice that the ball is being dribbled towards an opponent upfield, try hitting the sweet spot of the ball right away to cancel the play.

Rotations, Rotations, Rotations

In the clip above, you can see that the orange team has the offensive pressure, keeping the opponents in their half and not allowing clears.

The first player in the red team’s rotation is tasked with preventing the opponent from getting the time and space to attempt a clear down the field.

The second player in the rotation plays a more reactive role, responding to whatever happens to first player. In turn, they will either keep the ball in the offensive side of the field through pressure or be ready to take a shot if the first player is successful in their challenge and the ball breaks into the middle.

The first player now rotates out following the rules of so-called ‘Backpost Rotation’ and attempts to get in the way of the opposing last player.

In doing this, the third player of the offensive rotation can now follow up the play of the second player to go for a shot.

By bumping the last player during this offensive rotation, then, the goal is opened up and leaves the third player on the offensive rotation with an unchallenged shot on an open net.

Try Something New

In Rocket League, no game is unwinnable.

If your opponents make you feel like you can’t do anything against them, don’t be afraid to try something new.

Confuse them by not directly targeting the net or aiming for bumps.

Only do this as long as you can smoothly keep your rotations in check, though.

Instead of only trying to play faster than them, try bringing the speed to your level.

It’s insanely hard to re-route your mindset to something like this, but it’s necessary when it comes to climbing the ranks. These are the skills that define your progress in the game.

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