You can take the following measures to provide effective preventive maintenance for the hydraulic pump.

Before starting any maintenance, make sure to disconnect the pump from the power source.

The most important and most frequent item of preventive maintenance tasks is the regular inspection of the hydraulic fluid level. You may want to refer to the manual, but in many cases you should want to see the oil level ½ inch from the top of the oil level indicator. You also need to check the reservoir oil level-remember that you need to periodically drain, flush and refill with new premium oil.

In the preventive maintenance work of hydraulic pumps, it is also necessary to establish a regular cleaning schedule. For this reason, first, unused connectors should be sealed by using thread protectors. Then check that all hose connections are clean and free of grease, dirt and grime. The outer surface of the pump and all equipment connected to the pump should be kept as clean as possible.

When draining, flushing and refilling the hydraulic tank, make sure to clean the outside of the pump before removing the inside of the pump.

You can do this in the following ways:

Remove all screws securing the fuel tank to the motor and pump assembly. Be careful with gaskets and filters to avoid any damage or movement. When removing components from the tank, the pressure regulator is another area that requires special attention.

Now it is time to clean the inside of the oil storage tank and fill it with flushing oil.

In order to facilitate flushing of the water tank, please return the pump and motor assembly to the proper position on the water tank. Now, just use the screws in the relative positions on the corners of the housing. You should now run the pump. After a few minutes, it will be rinsed out without having to attach the entire assembly. You can then remove the assembly again to drain and clean the reservoir. Finally, using a funnel with a clean filter, you can refill the hydraulic tank with hydraulic oil before re-tightening each screw to securely hold all components in place again.


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