Path of exile is an online action role-playing game developed and published by Grinding Gear Games. "Road to Exile" is a ten-year MMOARPG developed by a die-hard fan with a fever-grade dark color. Inherited the essence of the "Diablo" series of games, and expanded the degree of freedom and depth on this basis.

This weekend, the creator of Path of exile, Chris Wilson, made a major announcement. To my surprise, he even announced "path of exile 2", and he said that "path of exile 2" will make comprehensive improvements to many core systems, while avoiding the problems that existed in the past. There are no additional costs, no dispersed player base, and each core expansion of the original campaign will be reintegrated into the new campaign.

After playing several times in the first 45 minutes of the new campaign, we will find that the original version of "path of exile 2" has been improved in all aspects, and the ingenious improvement of the skill system has made the daunting path of exile become Better to use.

Wilson told me that "path of exile 2" is an opportunity for Grinding Gear Games. In the game you are playing a brand-new exile, you completely escaped the execution and washed the war-torn coast again. Your goal is to investigate the supernatural phenomenon in and around Duke University that sentenced you to death. I didn’t know this goal when I didn’t complete the early mission. Just like the initial path of exile, clicking on enemies causes them to explode, and good loot will fall out of the dismembered corpses.

The path of money in exile (especially POE) is very important for conquering teams or terminal owners. Each POE Exalted Orb plays a specific role when making equipment that enhances the character, or when you regret Orb and indulge in rebuilding the character's passive skill tree. Therefore, it is recommended that POE players purchase POE currency and POE balls from reliable POE item sellers.

"Path of exile 2" had an early mission that required me to kill the giant worm "Eating Devourer" who lived in an underground passage. "The Devourer" is a daunting challenge. It should be the most difficult opponent of all the first leaders. When fighting a devourer, I need to be vigilant at all times. Because every time the devourer's head moves, venom will shed, I must avoid contact with these venoms, and at the same time prevent its deadly tail from crushing me. In addition, his head will continue to spray acid bombs and try to dismember me with its large mandible. It is simply too difficult to deal with, but the process of fighting it is still very exciting, which is why I will always love the action RPG.

Unlike "Diablo", the skill system in "Path of exile" is very complicated. Each ability is a skill gem that can be looted or obtained as a mission reward. When you start using gears with linked sleeves, things get more complicated so that you can be equipped with gems that support the main functions. You can drop a fireball by yourself, or you can use a spell totem to support gem inlaying it, and summon a fixed totem to launch an endless stream of fireballs for you, saving you time and mana.

In the new system, armor no longer has random slots, so players don’t have to exchange skill gems every time they equip new equipment. Now, each armor type has a fixed skill gem ability, the skill gem itself has a slot for supporting gems. All of this is managed in a new inventory menu, making it easier for you to understand the interaction between skills and support gems.

"Path of exile 2" is a major improvement to the already good game. The new graphics allow gamers to enjoy a visual feast, and the more demanding battle mode makes the game content more interesting. The most important thing is that the redesigned skill system is very helpful in grinding those remaining jagged edges.

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