There are many impressive bosses in World of Warcraft. They bring huge surprises to players. Although sometimes it takes a lot of time to see the last boss, it still makes many players obsessed.

Arthas is well the foremost famous World of Warcraft boss of all time and his visage because the Lich King instantly floods player’s brains with memories of World of Warcraft’s best era.

He is different from the previous Illidan. During the outbreak of the Wrath of the Lich King, in addition to the popular Ruby Sanctum Halion in the single-headed raid, Alsace was the biggest and cruelest enemy. During the Assault on Icecrown Citadel, Arthas waited for the player on top of his castle. If the player wants to reach him, he must defeat 11 other leaders.

Fighting against Alsace himself is very difficult. Blizzard expands the problem by limiting the number of times the player can fight him on the most difficult difficulty. But Arthas is additionally to blame for one among the largest scandals in World of Warcraft.

In this era of World of Warcraft, the planet first race was usually determined by who beat the boss on the 25-man difficulty. A guild named Ensidia scored the primary 25-man kill on Arthas, but Blizzard took their achievement away thanks to an exploit.

This was hotly contested by the community at the time, because the exploit simply involved Ensidia’s Rogue players fighting the boss as optimally as they may. The well-crafted item-Saronite Bombs is used by Rogue of Andidia and causes additional damage to Arthas. And therefore the bombs caused an unforeseen side effect.

During the fight, Arthas would crumble the world, opening holes where players could drop to their deaths, and limiting the number of WOW Classic Gold space players had to maneuver. However, the Saronite Bombs somehow rebuilt the platforms. When there is additional space, many of Alsace's idiomatic skills become so powerful that Ensidia is straightforward.

After Blizzard revoked Ensidia's record, the Bailey Palace guild won Alsace. But players still speak about Blizzard’s decision to revoke Ensidia’s original kill.

After Wrath of the Lich King and Arthas, World of Warcraft was at its peak. But many players viewed Cataclysm because the death of the MMO. Blizzard destroyed old zones, rebuilt player’s skill trees, and simplified World of Warcraft for a more casual audience. And Deathwing, the corrupted Dragon Aspect Neltharion, was the child of this whole strategy.

After months of Vanilla WOW Gold Deathwing flying round the world and randomly killing players from the skies, Blizzard unleashed the Dragon Soul raid. Deathwing waited for players at the tip. But being an enormous dragon, Blizzard split his fight into two sections: the Spine of Deathwing and therefore the Madness of Deathwing.

Many players view Dragon Soul because the worst raid ever made in World of Warcraft, and players hated both Deathwing fights. If the player wants to maintain balance as the dragon flies across the sky, he must face the spine of the Wings of Death bravely. Players are fighting the dragon's hand in the madness of the Death Wing, with the head on the side near the cliff.

These fighting methods are organized by Blizzard, so it does not want the Deathwing to fight the player, so many World of Warcraft areas are destroyed by the Deathwing. Instead, the player fights the wings of death such as his spine or claws. They never got a way of killing one cohesive boss; just damaging his cuticles.

In World of Warcraft, whether these big bosses are good or bad, it will bring players some new content, so that players can spend a good time in the game.