The path of exile is typical of multiplayer games. In the game, you and your friends can organize a group together to complete the game, and everyone will take risks in the game and participate in later game activities. However, group games may have some disadvantages. For example, it becomes difficult to fight monsters, and it will also affect the loot drop.

The path of exile currency (especially the POE orb) is very important for conquering the team or terminal owner. When making equipment that enhances the character or when you regret the orb and go down to reconstruct the character ’s passive skill tree, each POE Items plays a specific role Function. Therefore, it is recommended that POE players purchase POE currency and POE orbs from reliable POE Trade sellers.

In addition to those disadvantages, group games will still bring players a different experience. So how to organize a group? First, after opening the game, press "S" to open the social menu (or use the controller to navigate to the social menu), then you can find the "Invite friends" section at the bottom, then you enter the name of the friend character in the space, and then Just add it to your friends list. After they are online, you can choose their name and invite them to join your team. Before the game reaches Lioneye's Watch, you may not be able to see your friends because it may take a while for you to enter the new area.

There is another possibility that you ca n’t successfully meet your friends if you entered a version of a town other than your friends, but do n’t worry, when you enter the mission area, your friend ’s avatar will appear in the world with you. If you still can’t see each other in the same task area, you can click on the little portal next to their avatar. You can also use the public party system in the social menu to find like-minded players. You can create your own public party, join other people's public parties, or turn private parties into public parties.

If you find that there are not enough people during the group, this time you can use the public party system in the social menu to find like-minded players. So what is a public party? An open party is essentially an open invitation to other "path of exile" players. This is different from inviting friends. You do not need to add players to your friends list. In addition, you can set a clear description of the event you are planning to conduct. Of course, you can also create a public party by yourself, or you can choose someone else ’s public party, or even turn a private party into a public party.

When you venture across the path of exile at a party, you can choose to change the loot rules. For example, if the item falls behind, as long as it is fast enough, any player can pick it up, and whoever picks it up will keep it, which is free; for short-term distribution, you can set up random distribution of loot to nearby party members; For permanent distribution, you can also set the same as the short-term distribution, but no matter how long the loot is, you can never let the people snatch it for free. If you or one of your allies is assigned an unwanted loot or a loot that is more beneficial to your allies, you can drop it on the ground at this time so that your good friend can pick it up.

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If you want to play with friends at a higher (or lower) level, you need to adjust your Level Downscaling settings. If you enable the "level reduction" function when playing with low-level friends, the game will adjust your level appropriately, and your friends will get a full experience value. But if you disable the "level reduction" function, you will remain at a normal level, but your friends will be punished by experience points, which means they will not be able to get full experience points. If you want to play with friends at a higher level, allow them to create a party and adjust the "lower level" setting.