La Belle Fusion Sports Awards

La Belle Fusión has instituted the Aranjuez Sports Merit Recognition, some prizes that will be awarded on September 29. "In order to continue supporting the sport of Aranjuez," explains Miguel Angel Reche, owner of La Belle Fusión, "we have organized these awards for local athletes whose merits have often not been recognized." The awards that will be delivered on the 29th at 8:30 pm have the support of the Aranjuez City Council and the Community of Madrid through the Sports Delegation and the Madrid Foundation for Sport "and seek to cover all sports, being open to others and other athletes for the next editions. "

Reche comments that the organization of these awards "is also open to collaboration with other companies that allow them to grow in the future." The list of winners and the merits highlighted by the organization are:


- Lucía Arquero Olmedo   

Outstanding results in 2017 (6th World Championship, 4th European Championship and Spanish champion in marathon).

- Hugo Alberto Pedrero   

Outstanding results in 2017 (runner-up of the World Cup Sprint c-2 500, 6th World Championship sub-23 c-1 200 and champion of Spain c-1 200).



- Ángel Parra   

Regular on the podium of regional, national and international championships. Where he has been champion of Spain ten times and an outstanding member of the national team in the heavyweight category (weightlifting-and-girls).

- Jonathan Delgado   

Within judo we have to highlight another very important figure, Jonathan Delgado, this is due to his 8 titles of champion of Spain, world champion of Sambo, 13 medals in Spanish championships and 7 medals at the international level.



- Monica Ortega   

Female pioneer of archery in Aranjuez. There are countless successes achieved in addition to their commitment to this sport in Aranjuez in the organization of different competitions that have served to make our city a benchmark for archery in Madrid and our country today.



- Esther Colás        

One of the most outstanding veteran athletes on the national and international athletics scene. Their presence is common, forming part of the national team, in European and world championships. Currently, among other achievements, she is the European champion in the master category. It belongs to the Club Atlético Aranjuez.

- Alejandro 'Jano' López   

Club Marathón Aranjuez, at 17 years old, is a firm hope of the national half fund. It is currently the best in 800 m, it has become fourth in the world ranking. Champion of Spain of indoor track and champion of the Iberian Cup 2017.



- Carlos Suarez   

One of the greats (and not by stature) of the sport of Aranjuez. Clear reference of basketball in our city. He began to stand out in Students, Real Madrid and internationally. Currently, captain of the Unicaja de Málaga.



- Alberto Alda Cosano   

Outstanding results 2017, 5th Madrid Mushing Championship, 3rd in the Madrid Mushing Cup, 21st Spanish Ground Mushing Championship and 13th Spanish Snow Mushing Championship.


Paralympic sport

- Juan Luis de Andrés   

Clear example of improvement, commitment and perseverance. Riparian who walks the name of Aranjuez and our country with pride far from our borders. He started in canoeing (outstanding national promise) but a motorcycle accident led him to the practice of the Paralympic triathlon and from there to be one of the best in Spain. Champion of the world of triathlon cross 2015 and 2014. From Europe 2016 and countless titles of champion from Spain. It belongs to Ciclos Florida Aranjuez.



- Alejandro González Báez   

    Great canary settled in Aranjuez. Regular member of the national weightlifting team. He has been nine times champion of Spain, champion of Europe sub23 and 10th absolute world and best athlete 2013 of the Spanish Weightlifting Federation.



- Iván Sánchez-Rico Soto (Riki)   

Former professional footballer. After spending time with riverside teams, he landed at Real Madrid where he even debuted in the first team. Later he played in Getafe, Deportivo La Coruña and Granada CF.



- Mario Alonso   

Champion of Madrid 2016 and champion of Europe by teams 2017.



- Nerea Nieto   

Its beginnings go back to Aranjuez handball (school) to continue in the BM Base Villaverde from where it has become international. This season he has signed with the French team La Rochelle Perigny.



- Victor Casas   

Third consecutive time, this year, as autonomous champion. In addition to other results at the regional and national level, in 2014 he was part of the Spanish team that participated in the World Championship (4th) in Croatia.



- Alfredo Ceballos   

Of Venezuelan origin but settled in Aranjuez. It belongs to the CC La Montaña. Regular participant in long distance tests (ultramarathons): Titan Desert (2016 and 2017), Titán Tropìc (2016) and three Titán de la Mancha (2014, 2015, 2016).



- Sergio Gómez   

Outstanding results in 2017 (3rd European Championship and Spanish champion)

- Alberto Morano   

Recognition of Military Honor and High Performance Athlete, champion of the USIP World Games, world champion of Police and Firefighters, champion of Spain in swimming, master champion.



- Marina Benito   

Young riverside tennis player. Its beginnings go back to the Aranjuez Tennis Club and it is currently at the European University. Her career has already allowed her to position herself among one of the most emerging promises in national tennis.


Paddle Surf (SUP)

- Agustín Marañón   

Outstanding results in 2017 (3rd in the Spanish 5,000m championship by the Spanish Canoeing Federation, 2nd in the Community of Madrid championship held by the Spanish Surfing Federation.