As a big version of World of Warcraft 8.2, in addition to new maps and group books, changes in professional balance are also a major feature. So after the major professional balance revision, which occupations are more powerful? The following brings you the World of Warcraft 8.2 occupation ranking.

Demon Hunter
Demon Enchantment: Damage reduction increased to 15% (was 10%). Demon Enchantment: Armor bonus increased to 100% (was 80%). Demon Spikes: Armor reduced to 60% agility (was 85%). When the active damage reduction skills of its vengeance specialization are cooling, they need to deal with the problem of low damage reduction. These changes will greatly increase the physical damage reduction ability of the demon spike when it cools, and slightly increase the damage reduction ability when the demon spike is activated. There is also some overall passive damage reduction for magic damage. In general, the sustained damage to the Vengeance Specialization will be reduced, and the period of vulnerability when the Demon Tip Spell will cool will be reduced.

Soothing, eliminating Corruption, Moonfire, and Rebirth can no longer be cast in Leopard or Bear form by default. Feral Druids will now learn passive skills at level 22, enabling Corruption Removal and Relief to be cast in Leopard Form. Guardian Druid will now learn passive skills at 10th level, enabling soothing, removing corrosion, moonfire, and rebirth to be cast in energy form. Guardian Druids are restricted from using some practical skills while in tanks, and we have relaxed this restriction by allowing the use of clear corrosion in bear form. We have also slightly cleared the Druid's transformation rules: the use of magic spells in the wild form will be obtained through the passive upgrade of guardian and wild specialization. This represents their special mastery of the "primary" form of limited casting. From the perspective of game experience, this allows wild guard Druids to use spells in a form that has a strong practical need. At the same time, when there is no need for game experience, casting spells will be more restricted. For example, non-guardian druids can no longer cast moonfire in bear form.

The damage of Barbed Shot is now affected by Wild Fury. Barbed shot damage reduced by 10%. We are fixing the WOW Classic Gold For Sale issue that wild rage does not affect the damage of barbed shots, and by reducing the basic damage of barbed shots to keep the overall damage roughly the same.

Unbreakable Thunder strike damage reduced to 50% (was 100%). The damage to the gods that protect the battlefield is too high for the tank. Considering that this talent also shortens the cooldown of Thunder Strike and combines well with some Azerite traits, it provides more damage than expected.

The professional adjustment Blizzard finally started against the gangster thief and the anti-war, especially the gangster thief's explosive performance in the secret realm, which caused many other professional players to criticize. However, this time only to modify the traits of WOW Classic Gold For Sale the trial situation, it can not change the situation of the rampant in the secret realm. When this trait was not yet available in 8.0, the gangster thief already belonged to the Secret T1 class, and this new trait from 8.1 combined with the harvest affix of the second season made the gangster thief the best T0 class in the stratosphere. If Blizzard really wants to completely weaken the lunatic thief, he still has to start with the blade dance. As for the weakening of the anti-war, at most it has opened a gap with the DPS profession, so that the anti-war does not look like "the hardest in DPS, but still the highest damage in the tank.

Earlier Blizzard also said that it would not weaken the anti-war and gangster thieves at 8.1 (probably because of MDI). I didn't expect to make adjustments immediately after I prepared to log in to PTR at 8.2, although it has not been actually cut. To the pain, but also revealed that Blizzard is paying attention to these two occupations, as for the follow-up adjustments, whether it will be installed in the formal service, we have to wait and see.