Song of the Elves is one of GOLDRS the most distinctive series of Old School Runescape. It allows players to enter the legendary elven city of Pfeidinus. At the same time, it has an epic ending and brings up to 17 years. Task line. Although this series brings more happiness to players, there are still some players who have different concerns.

A series of graphic adjustments is the main reason for players to worry about this. Why do players worry about these adjustments? Because they affect the facial features of many popular NPCs. Elena is a human NPC and a key figure in the current conversation. There are many missions in the Elven Song series, and Elena is crucial in.

Elena has been around for a long time, and people are interested in her (as far as OSRS is concerned), but as time passed, her face underwent a major reconstruction. In the past, her face was round and smooth, but now her face is replaced by a pointed chin. At the same time, her once messy bangs have been sorted out and her old clothes are gone.

Her changes are not earth-shaking, but the Old School Runescape subreddit is full of mockery of changes. There was an article that pointed out that the similarities between Elena and Hugh Neutron's new discoveries came from the early 2000s children's cartoon Jimmy Neutron.

Some people say that the comparison between Elena's old and new makeup looks like a facelift, but there are problems with this facelift. I think this analogy is very appropriate. In addition, some people asked, who caused such consequences?

In the Old School Runescape game, Elena was just one of many characters that changed the appearance of her game, and some players expressed disgust at it. However, when players discover the changes in Judges, they will find that the changes will be even more surprising.

In this regard, I think most players will accept the role change after a period of time. If some old players still do not like these new character changes, they can respond to the creator of the game company. Finally, no matter how the characters change, I hope players will still enjoy the game storyline.