For now, the only live game left in NBA 2K21 is the defending champion T-Wolves Gaming League in the virtual world. Due to the impact of the new coronavirus, this week's first opening battle can be said to be far ahead in a way. Minneapolis has been heavily disinfected and has been reconfigured to fully meet the requirements of society.
The third season of the NBA 2K21 League has been delayed by nearly a week, but just on Tuesday, it resumed four games and will continue the T-Wolves Gaming tug of war on Thursday. The Tuesday game was not a remote game in a TV studio in the New York City area, nor was it broadcast online, but was broadcast on ESPN2. This is also a precedent.
When T-Wolves Gaming players face Atlanta's Hawks Talon CG in a championship match, they need to pass a temperature check every day to determine whether they have a fever. You can visit to purchase game coins. They and the air slide training center near the target center have been reconfigured, so the players will have enough private space and will not form a circle as in previous games. At least for now, that is quite dangerous.
The small forward of the T-Wolves game is called JMoney in the NBA 2K21 league. He said that there are cloths and hand sanitizers all around them, and they are taking all protective measures to ensure safety. It must be said that the players who arrived in early March were isolated for more than two weeks. After that, the team returned to their home studio to participate in practice and competitions. During the first six weeks of the game, 23 teams in the NBA 2K21 League played remotely. They will be seed players in three games.
The game will be played from Tuesday to Friday. The ESPN network shows that the game on Tuesday will be broadcast on ESPN2 before May 19, while the Twitch and YouTube channels of the NBA 2K21 League will start playing from 6 pm. In the middle is also the best game of the week on Friday.