The vane pump is the power source of the fueling machine. Its performance directly determines the oil absorption and discharge capacity of the whole machine. The vane chestnut is composed of cast iron pump cover, rotor, vane, spring leaf, overflow valve, etc. During use, the vane pump should be inspected and maintained frequently.

(1) Always check whether the operation of the vane pump is flexible and uniform, whether there is abnormal noise, whether there is leakage at the shaft end and the pump cover, and whether the pulley is excessively jumping and swinging.
 (2) When testing the machine and cleaning the oil tank, do not use the oil dispenser to absorb water or water-containing oil, so as to avoid the internal corrosion of the oil pump and other components and the damage of frost cracking at low temperature.

(3) The filter should be cleaned frequently, generally once a week, especially for newly installed machines and pipelines. With the increase of use time, the dirt in the oil tank and pipeline will be reduced, and the period of filter cleaning work can be properly extended, but generally it should not exceed one month.

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