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New coronaviruses have swept the world this year, and many countries have been affected. At this time, many players may worry that this year's World of Warcraft Extended Edition may not be released on schedule. In fact, don't worry about it. The latest DLC expansion of "World of Warcraft", "Land of Shadows," is very likely to be released in 2020. From the recent Blizzard live interview, it is easy to grab effective information. From the interview, we found that Shadowlands will not be delayed, and there is a great possibility to release a new extended version this year. According to the interview, the Shadowlands team only needs one week of adjustments to work from home, and the existing technology is sufficient to build a new version of World of Warcraft, so developers do not need to deal with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X at home, only need to deal with PC titles. Work, so that their workload will be greatly reduced. It can be seen that the progress of the game (and the larger "World of Warcraft" universe) is hardly hindered.

World of Warcraft, this online multiplayer game has ushered in its 16th birthday. It can be said to be an older game. The technical and complexity of the game workstation may not be as good as some of the new games that are emerging now. The games that have appeared are more modern and the released versions are more advanced, but we can see that World of Warcraft has been closely following the times, so far that its popularity has not weakened until now. Although World of Warcraft has expanded many times in the past 16 years, there are successful extended versions and failed extended versions, but fans have always maintained a passion for the latest version, they have been looking forward to the release of a large number of extended versions of World of Warcraft, these releases Often new tasks are added while improving existing content. In addition to World of Warcraft, there are many similar games such as "Final Fantasy XIV" and "Grand Theft Auto Online", these two games are also high-profile, but their popularity is still not as good as World of Warcraft.

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It’s not just World of Warcraft, making any game requires a developer’s selfless dedication and night and day work. Since the early days of release, World of Warcraft has a 16-year history. It can be seen that this game has a strong development team and a large number of loyal fans. This new coronavirus has affected various industries to varying degrees, so does it affect the version of "World of Warcraft: Shadow Land" currently being developed? The answer is yes. However, players and experts remain optimistic. They believe that the release of "World of Warcraft: Shadow Land" will not be greatly affected, and may bring unexpected gains. For example, before the epidemic is over, game developers Since working from home, a different working environment may inspire them to create unique artworks.