The jobsite entertainment sector may be a crowded one with options from nearly every major manufacturer. Jobsite radios and speakers can generally fall under the category of entire size and compact. The Festool SYSRock may be a compact model. This end on the sector typically has good portability but trades off of sound quality since there’s no room to suit multiple tweeters and subwoofers.

However the Festool SYSRock claims “Rockstar seem quality” that won’t distort at the highest volume. I’ll certainly examine that along with the actual pretty impressive feature set Festool offers with this radio.
Noteworthy Features
A couple Power Options
You can power your Festool SYSRock with the Festool flat pack power from 10. 8 – 18 volts as well as an AC adapter Festool includes while in the kit. Compatibility across multiple voltages isn’t really common at this stage on the game, though it’s not really unique. Since Festool’s cordless tier isn’t as deep or widespread as a lot of the other guys, this may be a big advantage for users that happen to be on the platform.
Manage Panel
The controls are fairly easy to navigate. There are 4 r / c preset buttons. Preset 1 doubles as a receive/end call button. Preset 2 can also be a play/pause button and also Preset 3 switches concerning Bluetooth pairings. Volume up or down is to the bottom left with the source button in the middle and track skip buttons for the bottom right.
Bluetooth and Auxiliary cord connections are virtually standard on any jobsite radio/speaker nowadays. Festool is up to go out with with Bluetooth 4. A SINGLE. What isn’t standard is a radio and I’m head over heels the Festool SYSRock comprises of one.
About that Radio stations
The radio feature will be nice, but it’s a little unusual. We expect no less than 6 station programming links, but you’ve only bought 4. In retrospect, I really only pay attention to 3 stations usually, so it’s not a problem to me personally. Other users that just like a wider variety of music or reside in areas with some radio station choices may find that becoming a slight handicap.
There’s in addition no AM function. It can evoke AM is on its way to avoid it as a format with its limitation of sound top quality and internet connectivity being pretty much everywhere. Still, sometimes AM will be the only way I will get the early first pitch during baseball season. Inside a pinch, I can still steady stream it from my phone on the SYSRock at the price of some of my per month data.

On the good side, the radio connects towards RDS (Radio Data System) that will pull song data even though it’s on. That’s a handy feature once you hear a song you’re not knowledgeable about and want to add it to the Spotify playlist.
The range is okay. It’s hit or miss on a couple of stations I can usually buy in my vehicle but picks up most stations just very good. 201911ld