Konecranes has begun hosting Live Station demonstrations of crane health and safety features for Americas spot customers that more intently match available demonstration windows with time zones in the us, Canada, Mexico, Central in addition to South America.

The aim is to produce interactive streaming to cater to customers at a time when travel and public contact are limited.

Edward Di Cesare, overseer of marketing, industrial crane products for that Americas region, said: “This evolution is all portion of Konecranes’ emphasis on doing work conveniently and wisely inside the digital world.

“We are putting our customers’ safety and health first by offering demos of our Safe Features online devoid of the need to travel. For a person, or particularly for a group, the potential savings over time and money are enormous. ”

Safe features that is previewed on Live Funnel include active sway control, hook centring, snag reduction, protected areas, target setting and end positioning.

The particular interface provides three simultaneous vistas: a wide angle that shows the demonstrator and also the demonstration facility, a close-up view in the belly-box radio control panel including a view of the weight from above. Participants is able to see how load sway can be eliminated in three simultaneous sights.

A study commissioned simply by Konecranes revealed that load sway is a number-one cause of just about all crane-related injuries or fatalities. Around 37% of all crane incidents stem from load sway, and nearly 40% of the incidents result in some sort of fatality.

Di Cesare included: “The value of integrating Safe Features in the purchase of an overhead crane can equal to hundreds of thousands of dollars saved in avoiding just one incident. ”

Live Channel was recently demonstrated at the head office of some sort of global manufacturer in Brazil, while the actual crane being operated was in Europe, several time zones and many miles away.

The presenter wore some sort of Bluetooth headset and reacted to questions when participants asked for more detail about how individual safe features job. Viewers could direct the operator as once they were there in identical facility, noted the Finnish corporation.

Di Cesare underlined the decision for business to often be digitally proactive in tough times, with an enhanced emphasis on customer service.

He stated: “Presentations like this is conveniently synchronized with each of our customer’s business day, whether they're just working from a making facility, or from their particular home.

“Live Channel allows them to interface that has a live operator and see in real time how our safe includes can improve operator safety and efficiency. ”.
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