CNN Underscored has interviewed experts to find the best options to help you cope during this doubtful time. Find all connected with our coronavirus-related coverage in this article, and let us realize your thoughts here.

For most of us, the world is in lockdown, schools are closed and the whole family is home, for superior or worse. Unless you're busy working out of your home, there don't seem to be enough activities on earth to fill up the hours. On the additional hand, it feels in this way uninterrupted family time will be precious and unprecedented.

So we asked two or three experts: What are some positive ways for parents and kids to relish these moments and maximize their time together — you recognize, without going mad?

"Regardless of your respective access to toys, your imagination becomes the greatest tool, " says Jen Taylor, a licensed clinical social worker in addition to registered play therapist inspector. With her own household, Taylor is a significant fan of storytelling. "Telling stories concerning the pictures in the confuses, the bugs you find inside the dirt or some made-up characters that you just created together is the easiest way to pass the time period, " she says. "We tell collaborative memories where I say one line after which it the next person tells our next line. And we as well love kinesthetic storytelling, the location where the story is told via a series of pictures 'drawn' (with your hands) about the child's back. "

Another fan of storytelling to be a family is Laurie Schacht, fundamental toy officer at Gift Insider and working the mother. She calls the History Unicorn Dream Dollhouse "the perfect toy for promoting storytelling" and adds, "Kids and dad and mom can play together plus use their imaginations. "

Creativeness, storytelling — we're starting to note a theme here. Underneath, Taylor and Schacht reveal more toy, game and activity recommendations for parents planning to make time spent utilizing kids count (and to assist kids of all a long time get along while letting off a little bit steam).
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