1st the mum-of-six explained she found her flat bed bedding from American retailer Walmart for five dollars but you can pick up comparable at Primark, Poundstretcher or perhaps Amazon.

She began: "Today Now i'm changing out my drapes, I love these but I'm wanting something just more basic and crisp so My goal is to use these flat bed sheets for Walmart that are usually about five bucks since my curtain panels.

"Super easy and thus cheap".

The interiors influencer then explains you will need to grab a seam ripper to obtain the horizontal seams along the top to make room to the curtain pole.
"First step is seeking the part of the sheet which has a seam going this technique [horizontal">, " she additional.

"And you're going to adopt a seam ripper and take out all the stitches here because this is when the curtain rod could go through".

Once you've taken out the stitches, she explained that your new curtains decide to hang up now that there's space to the curtain rod.

She claimed: "Now that you've removed all the stitches due to this top bit, it's the most perfect hole for the curtain rod to travel through".
If you're seeking blackout curtains then this will not the trick for you but if you're looking to add your decorative feature or focus in your room next the sheer bed sheet curtains will most surely work.

Followers were amazed from the quick transformation and commented of their droves praising her smart trick.
One said: "Now I'm mad because I've never regarded this".

"This is so smart, " another penned. "Wow whoa wow!!!!!Genius" (sic).

A third wrote: "What a good idea. ".
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