As a large-scale MMOPRG online game, we can regard World of Warcraft as a very demanding team social activity. Everyone in the activity must fulfill their assigned tasks with due diligence, tank pull hatred, treatment to maintain the life of teammates , DPS output. Only in this way can a team win and a set of their own equipment. But the life of nine to Buy WOW Classic Gold five is the rhythm of most people, which makes the daily games extremely precious. When you no longer have enough time to participate in Raid, in fact, Warcraft can still provide you with some leisure and entertainment methods, then Let's take a look at these kinds of life today.

Some people say that mounts are the only thing that preserves value in World of Warcraft. Indeed, Blizzard has customized a variety of mounts for players since the earliest level 60, such as the white leopard in Winter Spring Valley. It is the mount of countless girls. However, the road to brush this horse is difficult. This task is limited to the alliance. It needs to complete daily tasks. It cannot be done more. It can be worshipped in about 20-30 days. In addition, another fascinating mount at level 60 is the tiger of Zul'Gurub. This mount with a drop rate of only 0.01 is said to be rare from neutral to prestige worship. Even if it is calculated, it has to be 19 other. Teammate ROLL, you can calculate this probability, it is really not much lower than the lottery. The only good news is that the vast majority of mounts are cross-versions, including DK horses. Some people have crossed several versions for it, which also makes the WOW Classic Gold For Sale copy of STSM rushed and endless.

Time came to level 70. Blizzard almost sent out a worship mount for every power and prestige. At that time, Cenarion Hippogryph, Sky Legion Void Ray, Maghantab Sheep, Shadowmoon Valley Void Dragon, etc. Wait, you can get it as long as you have the heart, and this tradition continues to this day. The phoenix god, once hailed as the most expensive storm fortress prince in history, once photographed 180,000 G in that era. You must know that the card can only be around 1000G at that time-Zhang, this requires how many local tyrants to ride Phoenix. Then there is the 80th grade. If you want to say something unforgettable, it must be the invincibility of Ulduar 's aircraft head and the Icecrown Citadel.

Later, with the stacking of versions, the number of mounts also continued to increase, and finally Blizzard launched the achievement mounts, 100, 200. All those struggling on this path are proud and talked about capital. Some people say that the brush mount is tired, not really tired. It goes online for a few hours a week. No one is forced or urged. You can experience the beauty of Warcraft without having to work hard for it. Why not?

Is the Arena a casual way of Warcraft? Of course, as long as you are not asking yourself for the 2500, 2800 segment. Most people have no intention of playing in the arena, they just fight, pure vent. Won laughter and lost each other. About a few teasers, tease your mouth every night, talk about the pain and joy in life, and that's about it. I used to have a large group of friends like this. When there are many people, 5V5 is organized, and when there are few people, 3V3. Tired, went to Kui Dao to be a city manager, to do money for daily potions and equipment. Level 80 bored daze in the sewer to hang up, watching fried duels while eating fried chicken. 90 Fei 6 attacked those in the Fairview Valley like a porter in the midair. It is said that PVPer can always find a way to release himself. Not afraid of not fighting, he is afraid that his friend bar will become gray one by one, and then one will crouch silently by the sea. After all, this is not a brush mount, some things still need a few people to share.

Transfiguration is a good thing. Since its launch, a large group of lazy people have found the reason for going online. After all, in this world where you need to look at your face everywhere, only the face value is never outdated. No, I only saw a show-up post on the forum today, "The shoulders of more than 700 fangs are finally out, but it is really too handsome. It is worth brushing!" Then I suddenly-thought, this should not be a show-up post, after all This buddy is based on his perseverance, just looking for a few friends who can resonate to share the joy of this moment. So I quietly replied: Xi mentioned handsome shoulder. At the same time, I also entered the words "Xiaogewei Wang, the pandaren mystery final copy" for Xiaobai upstairs. Instantly feel-the warmth of helping others.

Of course, in addition to the above leisure methods, there are many other things that can immerse players in the long time of Warcraft, such as brushing achievements, collecting some small animals and so on. But I just think that the above are more mainstream and have been fixed. When most people play for games, this is a pursuit, and when most people no longer play for games, this is a kind of nostalgia. Offer, the favorite World of Warcraft.