Blizzard announced that the Arena Azeroth will be improved again this year. Regarding the venue, Blizzard indicated that the entire tournament will be held online for several years this year, although Blizzard also admitted that if the entire championship is held online, due to differences in regional server ping, the difficulty of holding will be greatly increased. However, in order to ensure the smooth progress of the online game, Blizzard announced that it will change the server format, which also ensures the fairness and integrity of the entire game. Blizzard's original plan was to culminate in the multi-region championship this season.

The entire tournament is now explained in detail. The battle of AWC Azeroth will be divided into three main stages. The first stage is the AWC Cup. The AWC Cup consists of eight publicly registered online games, four of which are held in Europe and the other four are held in North America. The prize pool for these eight venues is $ 10,000, and the amount will not change. From mid-late May to mid-June, each game team will do their best to compete for AWC points, and finally the top eight teams from each region will be invited to participate in the second stage of the Battle of Azeroth: AWC Tour.

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For the AWC Tour, the top eight in each region can participate in the round robin championship. All competitions will be held in the next four weekends. Blizzard will announce the actual competition time for participants to check in time. Everyone may be very concerned about the amount of the prize money. In fact, Blizzard did not disclose the actual amount, but it can be said that if you participate in the competition, you can get the prize money. In this tour, each team will play against the other team once in the 5 best series. As long as they win, the team will get 1 point.

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The third stage is the finals. At this stage, the first four teams in each region are divided into two double elimination teams, and they will fight on the last weekend of the entire season, resulting in two first places. After that, the two teams will compete again, and the final winner will win the title of Azeroth regional champion, and will receive a large sum of money.

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