The third season of the NBA 2K League was held on Tuesday. The three-game, four-win and three-loss series was particularly striking when the Raptors Uprising GC swept the 76ers GC with a 2-0 fantasy start. Raptors Uprising GC scored more than 59 points. Sick One dropped three double-doubles in both games, and Kenny Got Work scored 51 points in the second game. Not only that, in other divisions, the Cavaliers, Warriors and Mavericks have won 2-0 in a row.
In the first quarter of the first game, Raptors Uprising GC and 76ers GC both played steadily and ended with a 15-point draw, but after that, the attack of Raptors GC hit like a storm, pulling the points difference apart. 23 points. Kenny Got Work scored 29 points in the first game and Timelycook scored 26 points. Even with injuries, he failed to organize his double-double in the first half, scoring 18 points, 15 rebounds and 14 dimes. Radiant also scored 30 points on 12-for-24 shooting.
In the second game, the Raptors Uprising GC became more and more fishy. In the first game, the score difference was opened to 19 points. Come and buy at Kenny Got Work scored 51 points arrogantly. This was also his highest personal score. He ended the game only in the first half. Sick One also got a good triple-double, scoring 12 points, 14 rebounds and 13 assists.
The third quarter ended 18-5, and Cavs Legion GC also won their first victory. Strainer's Cavs Legion GC's 24 points and 8 assists have made it the best player in these two categories. All Hail Trey scored 19 points.
WoLF finished his double-double with 19 points and 14 rebounds, and BOHIO scored 12 points. In the first half of the second game, Pacers Gaming opened the points difference to 11 points, and also expanded the advantage to 13 points in the early third game. But the third quarter is destined to be their nightmare, the big score is gradually leveled, and finally the Cavs Legion GC won the game. Strainer scored 27 points, and Olarry also scored 13 points, 15 rebounds, 6 assists, 5 blocks and 2 steals.