Every night, Freyja (Freyja) will come to a corner of the World of Warcraft, shouting to people "Citizens of Azeroth, our souls are directly sucked into hell! Terrible things are happening. Most people have become accustomed to ignoring this voice directly, but over time some people have begun to waver, even approving his claims.

World of Warcraft players know that Freyja is a loyal World of Warcraft fan who often plays doomists and admirers in the game. He and other doomists and admirers are like an obscure cult, and like a prophet who always insists on his own speech, proclaiming doom and misfortune to people. With the end of the "Battle of Azeroth", Freya led a small group of players to try to make a major threat to the remaining Azeroth, but these were not included in the latest system and game content.

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Freyja and four friends follow the example of the NPCs that appear countless times in the game. These NPCs provide other people's predictions or their own predictions, so Freyja and his friends are also like this. They dressed in ruthless robes and headscarves, crossed the crowded Stormwind streets, and tried to warn everyone that expansion was coming, especially the gateway to all hell and heaven in the sky, and everyone would be sent directly to super hell after death. Freyja said, "This is really interesting to me." He pointed out that most missions tell players to kill animals and monsters first, and then the characters open the sky door to the world of death. In the world of death, almost all possible afterlife is true.

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For those infiltrating saboteurs, Freya ’s team of prophets must resist. On one occasion, an angry werewolf Walgen argued with Freya. This is a dialogue about platforms, responsibilities and free speech, and in the end this werewolf occupies a reasonable position. But in the end, a miracle happened, and the nihilistic prophet and citizen-minded Volgen completed two hours of debate and became friends with each other.

Usually, during the argument, bystanders may stand aside and send some spam. At this time Freya (Freya) heard some people whispering, these people spoiled, and made some relatively funny small actions, these actions may arouse the curiosity of data miners. Although some players may not like the role player to predict an upcoming event or storyline, for now, Freyja intends to continue to do so.

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