The  single phase energy meter   is a device used to measure the electricity consumption in the ordinary civilian household circuit, and the household circuit is used to supply power to various household appliances. The single-phase electricity meter has the characteristics of low energy consumption and high reliability, and is an ideal product for reforming the electricity consumption system and realizing the commercialization of electric energy.


Characteristics of household single phase energy meter


Our current single-phase electric energy meters are generally powered by single-phase voltage 220V, the current specification is 5 (60) A, and the accuracy level is 2 levels. Among them, the rated current is 5A, the maximum allowable current is 60A, and the measurement error of using 100kWh of power is ± 2kWh.



Now everyone is most concerned about whether the energy meters we use are accurate or not, and whether we have to pay more for electricity. And many people think that the energy meter "runs fast", see how fast the small red light flashes! In fact, our current home electric energy meters are all smart meters. The measurement accuracy and accuracy of smart meters strictly implement the national standards, and are only installed in the home after passing very strict testing procedures. Why is it easy for people to have the illusion that the meter is "running fast", mainly due to the following factors:


Compared with the old mechanical watches in the past, the smart watch has improved sensitivity by several grades. Its starting power is generally 4.4W, so it is best to power off the small power appliances such as mobile phone chargers and set-top boxes in our homes when not in use No standby without standby.


The small red light flashing on the surface of the electric energy will be faster and slower. Is the energy meter "running fast" when it flashes fast? In this case, it is true that the energy meter runs fast, but it is not that we run fast under the same load. The red lamp is a pulse lamp. When we use 1kWh of electricity, this lamp will flash a certain amount, generally 1200 times. When we use an appliance with a power of 1kW, the light will flash 1200 times within an hour, that is, we use 1kWh of electricity in an hour, when we use an appliance with a power of 2kW, In the same hour, we used 2kWh of electricity, then the pulse lamp will flash 2400 times in an hour, the frequency of flashing is twice that of the former, so we see that the lamp flashes fast. This is related to the number of electrical appliances used in our home. If there are many electrical appliances, the current passing through will be large, and the energy meter will “run fast”.


But when there is a large error in the power, we must ask the power supply bureau to test our energy meter to avoid greater losses, and the detection is completely




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