ISO 14001 Certification in Bangalore standard is significantly different from the 14001 standard in many ways, and the requirements of the environmental policy are one of these differences. The environmental policy being one of the mandatory requirements of the environmental management system of the standard does leave some room for interpretation. And the same time it also gives the direction on the environmental policy contains and what should provide for a company. How detailed does the policy itself need to be? 

Environmental policy changes to the basics:

ISO 14001 Certification is still extremely relevant there are some changes we should consider when writing the policy itself. Meeting legislation, ensuring continual improvement and setting objectives are all still mentioned. In there are certain other elements you must ensure that the policy now captures:

  • The policy should be appropriate  for the context  and purpose of the company and including the nature scale and impacts of its activities: Context of the organization in ISO 14001 Consultant in Saudi Arabia and it seems intuitive that the greater your companies  environmental impact is, the more detailed this should be. If your consider the difference in impacts of the activities of a nuclear plant and you may be understand that while both company may be certified to ISO 14001 Standard and they have an environmental policy and implications from the nuclear plant’s activities will be far greater. 
  • Prevention of pollution: It considered in your environmental policy as well as the inclusion of a commitment to environmental protection. 
  • Compliance obligations: In this term is takes place legislation.  In the needs the your interested parties and great information. 

Environmental policy to other factors to consider:

In ISO 14001 in Lebanon is regarding leadership suggests that the environmental policy must be aligned with the strategic direction of the company in other words, your environmental policy and its activities must be part of the organization’s overall vision and direction.  ISO 14001 Certification section suggests that your policy should provide a framework for setting out environmental objectives. It should also provide a commitment to the protection of the environment management system and the prevention of pollution, which is unique to the 14001 standard.  In Compliance obligations and continual improvement must also be considered in this section. In your environmental policy will largely depend on the size and scope of your activities, as well as the possible resulting impacts.  

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